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WATCH: Video where motorless Nikola EV truck rolls down hill

Watch the 2018 promo video for the Nikola One truck, which the company now admits features a motorless truck which had been rolled down a hill in Utah.


BP dividend has gone with the wind

The $1.1 billion investment in wind energy is a first glance at how BP intends to spend the money it once paid out as dividends to investors.

5 tips to maintain investing and trading discipline

Maintaining trading discipline in anything is hard. This is especially true in trading and investing so we’ve produced these 5 handy tips to help get you there.

10 September 2020

ECB Preview & Peloton earnings

Today's big event is the  ECB meeting but there’s also weekly jobless claims and oil inventories data as well as earnings from Oracle and Peloton.


British pound slides on Brexit risk but investors are bullish

The British pound has dropped to its lowest against the dollar in a month on renewed fears of a no deal Brexit.

8 September 2020

Wall Street returns, Eurozone GDP & Slack earnings

So looking at this day ahead in markets, I’ll be watching the reopening of Wall Street after a 3-day weekend, Germany trade data, Eurozone GDP as well as earnings from Slack and Lululemon.


What to do when megacap tech is out of favour

If we assume that mega cap tech is now out of favour following Thursday’s big decline, either the shares continue to fall or go sideways, where else could funds travel?


Amazon next for a stock split ?

The flavour of the day in these unusual times is pushing up stocks like Apple and Tesla after they announced a stock split. Is Amazon next in line?


Zoom & lasting demand for video conferencing

Zoom stock rocketing over 40% the day after reporting Q2 earnings probably demonstrates both excess speculation and long-term demand for video conferencing.


Best August since '84, the RBA & Zoom earnings

Today will be all about whether equity markets can sustain the positive momentum after the best August in years and yesterday’s Apple and Tesla stock splits.


Hydrogen over-hyped ?

The share prices of hydrogen fuel companies are flying higher than a hot-air balloon. But they might be about to fall out of the sky like they have in the past.