Market Research


Worst month in a decade for the dollar

August; a typically choppy month in forex markets will follow the worst monthly decline for the US dollar in over 10 years. Will the buck’s rebound in the last two days continue?

2 August 2020

Swiss CPI, PMIs & HSBC Earnings

HSBC report Q2 earnings amid all the controversy over Hong Kong, Switzerland is expected to show a 6th straight month of CPI deflation and global July manufacturing PMIs are released.


How to Trade Gold

Gold is amongst the oldest forms of currency and has been viewed as a store of value for thousands of years.

30 July 2020

France GDP, Oil Majors & WTI < 20 DMA

Jasper previews France and Eurozone GDP after yesterday's collapse in the DAX following Germany's numbers. There's also Exxon & Chevron earnings plus a potential bearish signal in WTI crude charts.


Time to SNAP out of it?

We see a risk that Snapchat app usage doesn't match the high expectations implied by SNAP shares tripling in value since March. Earnings are reported after the close today. 


Fintech is Thriving in the Pandemic

The pandemic is accelerating the disruption new technology savvy companies are causing within the financial industry. 


Good Defensive Stocks

When stock markets are falling or when you think they might be about to fall - it can be a good idea to take a more ‘defensive’ position in your trading. What does it mean?