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Navigating the Hype: Reddit's Strategic Leap Towards an IPO

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US had its first IPO from a Chinese company since October

The flow of mainland companies to New York came to an abrupt halt last summer, after the US Securities and Exchange Commission halted approvals of Chinese companies’ IPOs until they boosted disclosures about the ...


2021 IPOs: when more is less

700 newly added tickers to American public exchanges, $100B raised in Q1 2021 alone. While these records are challenging even those of 1996, sometimes, more is actually less.


The only clear Paytm direction is down

India’s largest payments company just went public – in this year’s biggest IPO for the country – and immediately tumbled 26%.

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The Swiss Series: Astrocast is doing big things with little satellites

We have all heard of SpaceX, and the recent commercial space flight events, but the space world is not limited to rockets! Swiss-based Astrocast just went public in Oslo. They lower the cost of managing remote assets ...


Duolingo aims a $3.4 billion valuation in its U.S. IPO

As the Chinese proverb says, “to learn a language is to have one more window from which to look at the world” and that is exactly what Duolingo aims to do; give access to learning new languages universally. The ...


Nextdoor to go public via a SPAC deal worth $4.3B

Nextdoor Inc. has agreed to a proposed business combination to go public by merging with a special-purpose acquisition company (SPAC), Khosla Ventures Acquisition Co. II. The deal valued the social-media network at $4.3 billion--why so ...


E-yuan efforts behind internet stocks regulatory pressures?

In April Alibaba was fined a record $2.8B for anticompetitive practices, and this week, Didi was told to remove its application from the app stores. Result: Chinese stock markets flopped. Could a Chinese e-yuan effort be ...


Robinhood IPO: offering a risky privilege to its users

Trading platform Robinhood has recently filed the prospectus for its long-awaited IPO. The S-1 has its share of pains and gains. What is to be expected from this event, and what should investors be weary of?


The reasons why the Vimeo IPO flopped

Is Vimeo the first tech growth firm to see a flopped IPO? Of course not. Are they the first to seriously challenge YouTube? Yes.


The middleman of the middlemen: What you need to know about the Marqeta IPO

On May 14th, Marqeta filed for an IPO that could see the fintech firm valued at $10B. But who are they to command such a high price tag?


Can Grab justify being the world's largest SPAC deal ?

It is entirely possible for Grab to see just as much success as Uber did, but the limited region in which they operate could present an obstacle for their long-term growth. Could we be wrong about ...