ForexTrading StrategyProfitable forex strategy

Using a Pin-bar Pattern to Create a Profitable Forex Strategy

Finding your first profitable forex strategy is an important milestone towards becoming a full-time forex trader.

Forex TradingTrading risks

Forex Trading Risks & How to Manage Them

It is the risk in forex trading that makes it possible to earn large returns. Forex traders use risk management techniques to use forex trading risks to their advatnage.

ForexForex TradingStop LossRisk Management

What is a stop loss in forex trading?

In forex trading, everybody wants to keep the wins and stop the losses. A stop loss order is a good tool to stop losses, especially for novice traders.


I like chocolate; how can I invest in cocoa?

For Easter, we wanted to give you insights on a fascinating industry as well as hints on how you could invest a part of your portfolio in cocoa.


Double-digit yields thanks to staking

Having money on deposit at the bank no longer collects interest. But what about cryptocurrencies?

Asset AllocationRiskInvesting

The case for high conviction portfolios

While most managers tend to over-diversify their portfolios to preserve their assets, high conviction portfolio management with a limited number of positions has its virtues.


How the forex market works

Foreign exchange, often abbreviated as forex or simply FX, refers to the exchange of global currencies on a decentralized market place – also known as over the counter (OTC) currency exchange.

ForexNews tradingForex Factory

News trading with Forex Factory using the economic calendar

Forex Factory found on the domain is one of the best known resources on the web for trading the news. This is a guide to news trading.

ForexMoney management

5 tactics for good forex trading money management

A well-defined Forex trading money management system is just as important for how to be a successful trader, as a good forex trading strategy.

ForexPyramid SchemeForex scam

Tips to avoid a forex scam or pyramid scheme

It’s important to distinguish the forex market from forex scams and pyramid schemes. The former is a real market, and the latter is defrauding people.

Technical AnalysisTrading StrategyPrice Action

Does a price action trading strategy really work in 2021?

Price action trading strategies should be the starting point and heart of any trading strategy, even if the trader later uses technical indicators too. 

Trading StrategyTechnical indicatorsRSI

Trading Strategy: What is the best RSI setting & a good RSI to buy?

A trading strategy using RSI (Relative Strength indicator) has default settings of 14 periods and 70/30 levels. But does this provide a good price to buy?