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Pick your side: Bull or bear?

Stocks are on course for their worst year since 2008. And strategists have never been so divided in their forecasts for how stocks will perform for the remainder of the year. What are the bull and bear ...

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MonthlyFlow - October 2022

Is a bottom near?: Markets continue to worry about overtightening and recession

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How are central banks affecting your mortgage?

Wild currency moves and rapidly rising interest rates have added to the economic challenges consumers face. But how exactly do central banks affect your mortgage and what does the future hold? And as a homeowner, ...

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MonthlyFlow - September 2022

There wasn’t going to be a pivot: The FED crushed any hope of a "dovish pivot", but this should not be a ...

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If the US sneezes...

With a second consecutive quarter of negative growth, the question of a US recession is becoming a hotly debated topic. But, in our view, it would be hasty to declare defeat. Indeed, if you look more closely, you ...

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MonthlyFlow - August 2022

Signs of disinflation are starting to appear, but may take time to materialise

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MonthlyFlow - July 2022

Markets remain laser-focused on inflation and ensuing tightening risks to growth


Could gold have further room to run?

Gold prices started the year on a strong foot, along with oil prices outperforming all other asset classes in a turbulent market environment. However, six months later, there has been some mixed price action lately, ...


Are investors worrying too much about the US consumer?

While fears over the health of the US consumer are high, data and earnings reports reveal a strong, but rapidly changing spending patterns. Is it ...

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“TINA is dead.” Or not.

The stock market had an epic run after the 2008-09 financial crisis, thanks in part to rock-bottom interest rates, which encouraged investors to pile into equities as “There Is No Alternative” (TINA). Now that the Fed ...

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MonthlyFlow - June 2022

As bond markets move away from recession calls, equities take over


The Nasdaq, time to enter?

The average price-to-earnings (PE) ratio for US technology stocks has contracted sharply since the beginning of the year, with the Nasdaq PE ratio falling from around 37 to around 25 in only 4 months. Are we close to ...