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Factories will struggle to keep up with rising demand

As vaccines are rolling out and social distancing measures are loosening up, the economy is getting back on track. However, we have rarely seen such a quick recovery, and many companies struggle to adapt to the new cruising speed.


Unearthing the investing opportunities in rare earth minerals

Rare earth minerals – or elements (REE) – are not so rare BUT have become highly sought after! Use in smart phones and electric vehicles is creating huge demand.


Made in China or made in internet? Alibaba reveals new manufacturing model

Chinese tech and retail giant Alibaba has launched a first of its kind manufacturing platform: the Xunxi Digital Factory ("迅犀数字工厂").


1 hour ago

5G will be MUCH faster than 4G

1 hour ago

Emerson and PureCycle sign a digital tech deal

2 hours ago

Nasdaq gaining back its strength relative to the S&P 500