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Forex Trading: Dollar Bulls Resurge as US Yields Climb

The markets were shaken after Fitch downgraded the US credit rating from AAA to AA+, citing concerns about the expected fiscal deterioration, the high debt burden, and political ...


EM Currencies: Turkish Lira Washes Out While CEE Hike Rates

The Turkish lira has been plummeting, with its exchange rate vs the dollar reaching over 10 for the first time. The lira has been a drag on an EMFX space that otherwise held up well with the Federal Reserve set to tighten policy.


The financials sector’s four drivers

Financials tend to be supported by strong earnings, economic recovery, and rising rates, which appear to be lined up. But is there more to the story?


What valuations are telling us

Earnings are beating expectations, indices are setting new highs, and there are tech IPOs everywhere. Are valuation levels speculative, or is this just the new normal?


Putin’s party wins election: But has the Russian stock market topped?

The pro-Vladimir Putin ruling United Russia party has won another landslide election in Russia. But is this good news for Russian stocks, which have just doubled off their 2020 low?


Are US equities heading into a storm?

Is there a storm brewing in US equities? As you know, investors face a dilemma. The pandemic has really changed markets. The S&P 500 is trading over 30X P/E, treasury yields are near zero. Finding rich prospects is hard.


Timing your investment portfolio trades with historical trends

Seasonality refers to specific time periods during which stocks, sectors, and indices are exposed to and influenced by repeating tendencies that form patterns in investment valuation. This article will present you ...


Plant-based fish as the next big opportunity?

One of the fastest growing segments of plant-based food is not on land, but in the sea! Here’s a quick overview of the alt-fish situation for investors who might have missed the alt-meat and dairy boom.


Equities gain ground, above expectations earnings, lack of workers in the US: our top 10 stories of the week

Read the top 10 stories to remember the week which ended August 13th.


Top 10 tech trends following the pandemic

Right as VC investment is reaching a new record, VC company OurCrowd published what they think will be the main tech trends following the pandemic. From supply chain innovation to quantum computing, have a read to discover these trends and the ...


Oil prices rise, Nasdaq's record, a reversal in U.S. equities: our Top 10 stories of the week

Read the top 10 stories to remember the week which ended July 2nd.


UAE equities: a successful recovery from the pandemic

The UAE is one of the pandemic's top gainers; high oil prices, value stocks, real estate markets improving, covid-19 cases under control, and geopolitical stability make up the backdrop to what could be a greenfield opportunity.