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Top 10 tech trends following the pandemic

Right as VC investment is reaching a new record, VC company OurCrowd published what they think will be the main tech trends following the pandemic. From supply chain innovation to quantum computing, have a read to discover these trends and the ...


Oil prices rise, Nasdaq's record, a reversal in U.S. equities: our Top 10 stories of the week

Read the top 10 stories to remember the week which ended July 2nd.


UAE equities: a successful recovery from the pandemic

The UAE is one of the pandemic's top gainers; high oil prices, value stocks, real estate markets improving, covid-19 cases under control, and geopolitical stability make up the backdrop to what could be a greenfield opportunity.


US earnings season: key takeaways

First quarter earnings season for US companies has just ended. What are the main lessons to be learned for the coming quarters?

StocksAsset AllocationMarketsUSA

Are US stocks really so expensive?

The S&P 500 Index keeps delivering all-time highs. Is this rise justified by the fundamentals?

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Swiss Stocks: record high for the SMI could just be the beginning

A newfound interest in defensive growth stocks has contributed, among other things, to a soaring Swiss Market Index (SMI). The SMI is a quality stocks trade, with potential for a softer swiss franc to juice the gains ...


Are we at the peak of everything?

Many market drivers seem to have reached a ceiling. Is this also the case for the equity markets?


Chinese bonds find new acceptance in all 3 world bond indices

China is starting to compete for foreign capital inflows. With high quality bonds, other nation’s debt might lose their shine. Napoleon was right: China is awakening, and the world trembles.


Archegos' firesale pounds prime brokers, raises red flags

What happens when one is highly leveraged, trading on swaps, and a sell-off occurs? This story explores the recent $30 billion firesale that Archegos Capital Management suffered.


What the current equity rotation means for investors

After a strong year for technology and growth stocks a great equity rotation is taking place. The question is how long will it last? Value and small caps could be taking center stage this year, but not without any ...


Rising bond yields, slowing stock momentum: what to do?

As bond yields are soaring, momentum on stock prices is slowing down. Is this the end of the party? While the situation may look grim, we ought to have a closer look at it to see that things might not be as bad as they seem.


Why PropTech is changing real estate for the better.

Property Technology is revolutionizing the way we buy, sell and trade houses. The real estate market is one of the world's largest, and PropTech innovation will make it more accessible and affordable.