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Chinese stocks hit record value. How to play it with China ETFs & ADRs

Chinese markets have been on a tear. We discuss what it has to do with Joe Biden and list some examples of China stocks to trade.


Stocks dip from Monday sugar rush - MARKET WRAP

A setback in Johnson and Johnson’s vaccine trials and the IMF warning of a ‘sharp adjustment’ in financial markets was enough to see stocks turn lower and the dollar catch a bid.


China currency spikes in prep for Biden win – MARKETS

China's currency jumped by the most since 2016, Rolls Royce stock has doubled this week while oil prices rise more on Norwegian strikes.


A brief 4-year history of stock markets under Donald Trump

As we approach the 2020 Presidential election, it’s worth remembering what we just endured/enjoyed in financial markets under President Trump.


Bitcoin pops on Square block buy, Dow highest in a month - DAY AHEAD

The price of Bitcoin got a boost from payment company Square buying $50 million in BTC, the Turkish lira dropped and the Dow Jones finished at its highest in a month.


Trump’s COVID relief rally - Market rundown

News that US President’s Trump could be released from hospital today and his highly criticised ‘drive by’ seems to have done the trick easing fears of election disruption.


What can I trade if stock markets shutdown?

The Tokyo stock exchange just had an outage that stopped trading all day. What plans do you have for trading if major stock markets like the NYSE shut?

Technical AnalysisMarkets

Technical Analysis: Indices charts of the week

An updated weekly analysis of the price action across stock indices, including the S&P 500, SMI, FTSE & DAX charts.


Q4 follows 1st down month for US stocks since March

Washington is guiding the latest moves across markets. For now, the hope of further stimulus is trumping uncertainty about the handover of power in November.

24 September 2020

Trump Supreme Court pick and durable goods

For the day ahead, I’ll be watching out for how markets prepare for President Donald Trump announcing his supreme court nominee on Saturday- as well as US durable goods data.


Real estate: home to big returns despite the pandemic

Housing related stocks and ETFs have been doing surprisingly well in the last year, despite all that is going sideways. Tech might not be the only very profitable area to invest in.


How do Financial Markets Work?

The five important elements to understand how financial markets work are market structure, market participants, liquidity, pricing and the spread.