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Georgia runoff spike could start a 'laggard trade' in gold mining stocks

Early signs are that gold mining stocks continue to attract interest from investors in 2021 with hopes for a possible 'laggard trade' to chase the high price of gold.

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COVID vaccines are party-poopers for gold

Since the the news of effective COVID vaccines, the price of gold has plummeted for 3 weeks in a row to hit a 4-month low. Is this the end of the party for gold?

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Copper hits 2-year high in new era of ‘sustainability’ and China-based contracts

A reputation as ‘sustainable’, new renminbi contracts and booming infrastructure spending in China just sent copper prices to a 2 year high.

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Which US election result is best for gold?

Gold has had a rock-solid year (pun intended!). It has far outperformed nearly every asset class this year. But under which president will gold fair best?

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Why did silver just crash 11% in a day?

The price of silver crashed 11% on Monday before eventually closing 9% lower. Silver is volatile and here we outline some reasons behind the fallout.

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Risk-off & Tesla’s Battery Day

For the day ahead, I’ll be watching investor reaction to yesterday’s big risk-off day across markets, Tesla’s so-called ‘Battery day’ and the testimony from Fed Chair Jay Powell.

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What is fundamental analysis?

The aim of fundamental analysis is to try to ascertain whether the asset is under or overvalued from an investors point of view.


Gold and Silver have been surging – Is Platinum next?

At the time of our writing, Gold and Silver are pulling back. But their price action over the last months has been impressive. Meanwhile, Platinum has been underperforming other precious metals by a wide margin. Below, we look at the investment thesis behind Platinum and how to invest into it. A steep discount to Gold  

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US jobs report & summer recess

Today is all about the US jobs report (non-farm payrolls) - but it’s also the last chance for Congress to agree a stimulus bill before their Summer recess.

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Gold over $2000

The spot price of gold has soared above the 2k milestone, reaching a new all-time high of $2040. Can the upwards momentum continue?

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How to Trade Gold

Gold is amongst the oldest forms of currency and has been viewed as a store of value for thousands of years.


A Gold / Silver Ratio Signal

The price of silver is nearly double the value it was at the March low- that kind of price action gives Tesla a run for its money!