Market Insights


Electric two-wheelers in China

Slower Chinese growth is worrying, but the e-scooter market tells another story. This short take on the industry will shed light on regulation, competition, and headwinds.


Tesla of bicycles: how e-bikes are climbing to prominence.

We are in the midst of an e-bicycle inflection point! From city planning and regulation to the delivery and shared economies e-bikes are becoming commonplace.


Carvana earns first profits; should I invest now?

Carvana earned its first ever quarterly profit, and a good chunk of the proceeds came from…loan sales! We look into Carvana, and whether or not it makes sense to invest right now.


Intel facing mounting competition in a never ending chip shortage

A semiconductor shortage that could stretch well into 2023, a once Silicon Valley semiconductor ruler seeing a lot of pressure, and the US government offering support.


Lyft capturing mobility’s resurgence

Face it, sometimes, there is no way to drive and ride-hailing solutions like Lyft and Uber are the way to go. But what is Lyft up to these days?


Electric Lamborghinis? EV supercars are coming.

Lamborghini is the latest super car to announce its pivot into the EV space. It's setting the stage for its 2024 electric car offering. What does this mean for


Why the 1 million trucker shortage could be profitable

The reopening trade demand surge plus supply chain bottlenecks currently challenge the freight industry in several ways. What are the consequences of this pressure to expand quickly and how to play it?


Charging stations have become a bottleneck to EV development

While EV sales keep soaring, we might have neglected the second step of the transformation: charging. Going for small trips close to home is easy, but how will governments and industry implement charging solutions to satisfy long-distance needs? ...


The amazon-ification of car buying

With the shopping world now online, it is likely that your next car will be bought or sold via an online auto retailer. The trend has been amplified by the pandemic, but was already in the works years before. Learn about this trend and how to ...


Volkswagen shoots at Tesla: building its own European giga factories

German automaker Volkswagen has big plans to challenge Tesla; ...


Semiconductors are the new diamonds: will Taiwan keep pace?

Amidst the semi-conductor shortage, impairing car production and consumers electronics, countries like the US and Germany have written letters to the Taiwanese government, asking for help. What will Taiwan do to face this massive demand? ...


EV company Lucid Air might go public through merger with CCIV

Could we soon see yet another EV company going public via a SPAC deal? According to Reuters, a new deal between Michael Klein-backed SPAC