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Apple is moving forward with its car plan

Apple is also planning to launch its own fleet of EVs. After having revolutionized the smartphone and computer experience, will they be able to perform new miracles on the road?

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Amazon reveals its first Robotaxi

You know the drill when you’re calling an Uber: you never know whether you'll have to talk or not (sometimes it's fun, other times, a little awkward). Fear no more, you asocial beings: the time has (almost) come for driverless robotaxis.

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Xpeng: a Chinese rival to Tesla

Do you remember Xpeng, the company which was accused of copying Tesla's design back in 2018? Well they kept going, and they are doing rather well. Here is why.

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Can Uber Eat and Postmates steal market shares from Amazon Prime?

In our times, the food delivery war is fierce. Uber is competing with contenders like DoorDash, Deliveroo,, Instacart, Grubhub and many others. Postmates is not a competitor anymore, as they acquired the company earlier this year. What is the strategy behind this?

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Tesla: “It may do the wrong thing at the worst time.”

What an interesting disclaimer for a car supposed to offer full self-driving capabilities. It seems that Tesla is not yet fully confident about its product, entering its beta testing phase in the coming weeks.

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Cars can finally drive themselves: Waymo ahead of everyone

The Alphabet-owned autonomous car company Waymo recently started to experiment with driverless cars, opening the service to actual clients for the first time.