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What is an IPO?

Feeling left out of the loop of the IPO buzz? The jargon, the hype, and the complexity can be overwhelming but you can fix that right now.


US Session Brief: NASDAQ, Gold, EUR/USD, and Eyes on US CPI.

As the trading session unfolds on March 11, 2024, market participants turn their gaze towards key financial instruments, namely NASDAQ, Gold, and EUR/USD, to decipher the undercurrents shaping the day's trading ...


US Session Brief for March 5, 2024: Insights on NASDAQ, EUR/USD, and Gold

On Tuesday, the US Dollar Index has seen a slight increase, reaching $103.880, up by 0.05%, hinting at cautious optimism in the currency market.


What does the SVB fallout mean for tech stocks?

The collapse of the Silicon Valley Bank has dominated the week and stirred up volatility not just in the banking sector but also in the tech sector. The Nasdaq slumped in reaction to the bad news but the implications ...


Where Are the Best Opportunities in The Tech Rally?

The rally in tech stocks has become one of the big market stories of early 2023 trading. On the back of the seismic declines we saw across the sector last year, tech stocks are making a big comeback this year.

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Will 2023 be the Recovery Year for Tech Stocks?

The tech sector has seen huge volatility over 2022, bearing the brunt of the oscillations in Fed tightening expectations and the USD outlook. Looking at two of the leading tech benchmarks, the Nasdaq and the XLK (SPDR Tech fund), both are down on ...