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A put-call ratio equal to dotcom bubble screams sell stocks! Should we listen?

The put/call ratio, a favourite contrarian indicator of options market sentiment is showing the most bullishness in 20 years. Is a big market correction coming or is this time different?

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Wall Street’s 'fear gauge' just threw up a sign of complacency

The VIX index - a measure of implied volatility in the S&P 500 just dropped below 20 in a sign of improved sentiment and arguably complacency given the uncertainty at hand.

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Hedge fund repeats CDS trade that netted $2.6 billion in March

Billionaire Bill Ackman the founder of hedge fund Pershing Square Capital has put on another big trade betting against corporate credit markets. What has he done?

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Options implied volatility can predict periods of high risk (like a contested election)

Implied volatility – a gauge of market risk – in China’s currency showed extreme risk around the US presidential election. It can be used to make forecasts.

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Covered call versus naked call option strategies

Covered and naked call options strategies are a way to express a bearish view using options. We compare the two and explain the objectives and risks