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Cosmetics sector verging on unprecedented momentum?

It is fair to assume that most of us use some sort of cosmetic or beauty product; perfume, hair gel, face cream, make-up... While it may represent a relatively small fraction of our monthly spending, the recurrence of our purchases translates into one of the biggest markets in the world today.


What the Walmart investment in Cruise says about retail

Cruise, a General Motors company, bagged a $750M investment from Walmart. Why is a major retail company investing in autonomous car technology? Autonomy has many faces, but three words stand out: automation, logistics and cost-savings.


Dr Martens will move to public markets

There is not a shoe more iconically British than the classic Dr Martens. According to a filing on Monday, the company will soon go public. It would be one of the first big initial public offerings for 2021 on the London Stock Exchange.


StockX raises $275 million in series E, for a $2.8 billion valuation

Selling second-hand shoes and wearables on a large scale has never been more profitable. Here’s the success story and latest news from StockX, the marketplace for your collectible items.


Stitch Fix: e-commerce tailored to your tastes

Stitch Fix stock soared this month as the company managed to report a good set of numbers. Is Stitch another "pandemic winner"? 


Petco's IPO: Woof

Petco announced its IPO, following high sales due to the dog adoption trend we have seen this year.


Watch website Hodinkee raises $40 million in series B funding

The funding was mainly led by TCG, LVMH Luxury Ventures, quarterback Tom Brady and singer John Mayer


Comfort Beats Fashion: the Victory of Crocs

When speaking about the winners of the coronaconomy, we only hear about tech, tech, and tech, and we tend to forget other well-performing segments. Today, let's talk about the ugly and comfy footwear, which is on top.


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