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Can Grab justify being the world's largest SPAC deal ?

It is entirely possible for Grab to see just as much success as Uber did, but the limited region in which they operate could present an obstacle for their long-term growth. Could we be wrong about Southeast Asia?


SPAC: the end of the bubble ?

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) considers changing some accounting standards that SPAC deals are subject to, potentially putting a temporary brake on deal activity.


What to know before investing in a SPAC !

There is a difference between a critic of all SPACs, and a sobering look at how SPACs actually make (or lose) money. While some SPACs perform well, many dilute shares through redemptions and investors along with them. #Know-what-you-buy.


Eyes in the sky: BlackSky is going public via SPAC!

BlackSky joins the club of space companies that are going public via SPAC. The service proposes a complete way to monitor operations on Earth, combining satellite imagery, on-land news and data, in order to bring information between the hands of decisions makers as fast as possible.


EV company Lucid Air might go public through merger with CCIV

Could we soon see yet another EV company going public via a SPAC deal? According to Reuters, a new deal between Michael Klein-backed SPAC Churchill Capital IV and EV company Lucid Air could be announced before the end of the month.


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