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Why a Sports ETF could make sense right now

With the world soon to re-open, stadiums could quickly find themselves filled and the world of sports re-invigorated. Roundhill Investment wants to capitalize on this tailwind with its new Roundhill Pro Sports, Media ...


How to invest in e-sports?

You’ve all heard of it. Maybe your kids play it, your little siblings or maybe even yourself: gaming as a sport has become a thing, and the market is growing. Here are some ways to catch the train before it leaves.

SportsThe Swiss Series

The Swiss Series: "On" offers shoes you can’t buy

The Swiss shoes manufacturer introduced a subscription model for its new running shoes in order to ensure that the pair goes back to the company and that the recycling loop actually works.


How to invest in sports

Winning money doing something you truly enjoy is never easy. In the case of sports, it might even be harder. To be paid for practicing your sport looks amazing, but for this you need hard work, talent and a sprinkle of luck. Miss any of the three ...


Echelon and the Prime Bike, a partnership with Amazon: it’s a lie

Echelon, much like Peloton, recently launched its “Prime Bike”, but it seems that they are in no way related to Amazon.


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UK wind power generation hit the highest level since May yesterday

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Surging electricity prices put pressure on metals producers

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Taper warning signs flash to markets from Indian central bank