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The Swiss Series: MindMaze treats neurological conditions with video games

You may have heard about it because it is Swiss or backed by Leonardo DiCaprio. MindMaze offers a revolutionary way to treat patients with neurological conditions, with the help of videogame software. And it seems to be working very well.

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Rent your device instead of buying it: Grover and the era of upgrades

Why buy a device and have to keep it for years when you can change it whenever you want? Grover proposes a solution to never be stuck with your laptop or smartphone, let alone the debt that often comes with it.


CITI's outperforming venture capital arm: the success formula

While we often speak of venture capitalist companies, we rarely examine the VC branches of larger companies. Citi's VC has been very successful in the past 5 years, let's have a look!


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