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Switzerland: The Land of Cheese, Chocolate, and Investment Opportunities

Swiss stocks have proven to be more resilient during the recent market rout. The SMI index has outperformed its counterpart Stoxx50 by more than 7% this year. What is driving the difference?


European equities: is the worst behind us?

The bad news is accumulating for Europe. Questions about a European recession abound. European dependence on Russian energy and grain imports is adding to inflation woes. Volatility is here, but…. is the worst ...

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Will Big Tech transform banking?

Tech giants are entering financial services on several fronts, from payment solutions, creditworthiness algos, crypto, to ‘buy now, pay later’. Is it a question of time before they take on large banks or is there ...


Chinese tech: Opportunities in the rollercoaster ride?

The recent volatility in Chinese tech giants has provided interesting trading opportunities. The internet giants are highly exposed to regulatory scrutiny, but could there be light ahead of the tunnel? ...

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History of rate hikes

The S&P 500 Index is off to its worst start to a year since the Covid-fueled sell-off in March 2020. Many factors, notably the Federal Reserve’s tightening, are in focus. But what does history tells us?


Google acquires Mandiant, a Cybersecurity superstar

Google Cloud is ready to acquire Mandiant, a prominent star in cybersecurity that has a history of uncovering gigantic hacks: Chinese hackers in 2013 and the famous SolarWinds incident in 2019-20. Could Mandiant ...


Crises  bring opportunities in renewables

The recent geopolitical crisis and a likely ban on Russian oil and gas exports are bringing energy security back in focus. Governments have focused on promoting renewable energy ...


Finding winners in food delivery

The boom in food delivery of the last few years is predicted to reach more than USD40 billion by 2025. What are the top trends shaping investors’ appetite and who are the major players?

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Nasdaq momentum divergence, is the bottom in?

The conflict in Ukraine has sent global stocks lower but the latest drop in the Nasdaq - among the worst hit - has created some momentum divergence. Is the bottom in? 


Agriculture tech: A bright future ahead

Agriculture technologies helping generate greater yields and lessen the environmental impact are positioned for a bright future. What are the top technologies for modernising agriculture and potential ...


US had its first IPO from a Chinese company since October

The flow of mainland companies to New York came to an abrupt halt last summer, after the US Securities and Exchange Commission halted approvals of Chinese companies’ IPOs until they boosted disclosures about the ...


Investing in Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the most promising new technologies, that is expected to spur a wave of social progress unmatched since the industrial revolution. What are the major opportunities in AI, how ...


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