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Is India the biggest growth opportunity for tech giants?

According to some estimates, India is poised on the precipice of a tech explosion many are comparing to their own Industrial Revolution.

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What are the Top 3 Sustainability Tech Trends in 2023?

The popularity of high growth investment themes like tech and sustainability waned significantly in 2022. Is now the time to take advantage of long-term mega trends?


OpenAI: Open to an IPO?

Artificial intelligence quickly became one of 2023’s hottest topics, mainly on the heels of OpenAI’s November 2022 public launch of ChatGPT. Will OpenAI make an IPO, and would it be a good investment?


EVs without rare earths - time to own Tesla again?

Tesla stock has been staging a recovery from its year-to-date lows, but sentiment for the stock remains shaky as Elon Musk focuses on Twitter and tech stocks falter. Are rare-earth free batteries a game-changer? ...


What does the SVB fallout mean for tech stocks?

The collapse of the Silicon Valley Bank has dominated the week and stirred up volatility not just in the banking sector but also in the tech sector. The Nasdaq slumped in reaction to the bad news but the implications ...


Did you Miss the Bright Spots in Tech Earnings?

Many are poo-pooing tech stocks after earnings. Did they miss bright spots like higher efficiency, margins, buybacks and AI that represent future growth or are job cuts and earnings misses enough reason to stay ...

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Nokia’s “Right to repair”

What is it? Nokia’s latest smartphone comes with a difference – users can repair their own handsets with no DIY experience necessary.

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Meta Verified likely no Game Changer for META stock

What is it? Facebook parent company Meta announced that it is launching a subscription service called Meta Verified.


Is BYD Eating Tesla’s Lunch In China?

The tech rally over early 2023 has been one of the main market stories of the year. Along with sizeable rallies in key indices such as the Nasdaq, individual stocks have been recording solid gains.


Where Are the Best Opportunities in The Tech Rally?

The rally in tech stocks has become one of the big market stories of early 2023 trading. On the back of the seismic declines we saw across the sector last year, tech stocks are making a big comeback this year.


How Can Investors Gain Exposure to AI?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is quickly emerging as one of the most exciting and fast developing areas of the tech sector. Once the preserve of sci-fi movies and theoretical conversations, AI has been steadily becoming more prominent in recent ...


ChatGPT set to disrupt various industries

Since its release at the end of November, ChatGPT has gone viral, gaining its first million members in less than a week. Speculation over its ability to displace freelance writers and perhaps endanger Google's main ...