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Instacart: is it the right time to go public?

This month, Instacart filed an application with the US Securities and Exchange Commission to go public. The growing demand for online grocery ordering and, of course, the pandemic, have driven the company's business in recent years.


Nio, between Covid and hope

China's "zero-covid" policy is weighing heavily on the economy, and Nio, one of China's most famous electric car manufacturers, has suffered a production stoppage due to a severely restrictive policy and a lack of parts from suppliers.


Tesla continues to surprise

Tesla beat Wall Street estimates and reported better-than-expected results for the first quarter of 2022, defying production disruptions due to the Covid measures in China, the global supply chain crisis, and the crisis in commodity markets. ...


Could Big Tech stage a rally?

In January this year, Big Tech stocks saw their largest pullback since March 2020. Faced with uncertainty surrounding the Fed’s tightening cycle, supply-chain issues, and war in Ukraine, investors have shied away ...

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Will Big Tech transform banking?

Tech giants are entering financial services on several fronts, from payment solutions, creditworthiness algos, crypto, to ‘buy now, pay later’. Is it a question of time before they take on large banks or is there ...


Chinese tech: Opportunities in the rollercoaster ride?

The recent volatility in Chinese tech giants has provided interesting trading opportunities. The internet giants are highly exposed to regulatory scrutiny, but could there be light ahead of the tunnel? ...


Google acquires Mandiant, a Cybersecurity superstar

Google Cloud is ready to acquire Mandiant, a prominent star in cybersecurity that has a history of uncovering gigantic hacks: Chinese hackers in 2013 and the famous SolarWinds incident in 2019-20. Could Mandiant ...


Finding winners in food delivery

The boom in food delivery of the last few years is predicted to reach more than USD40 billion by 2025. What are the top trends shaping investors’ appetite and who are the major players?


Agriculture tech: A bright future ahead

Agriculture technologies helping generate greater yields and lessen the environmental impact are positioned for a bright future. What are the top technologies for modernising agriculture and potential ...


Investing in Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the most promising new technologies, that is expected to spur a wave of social progress unmatched since the industrial revolution. What are the major opportunities in AI, how ...


The European tech landscape

The European technology ecosystem smashed records across the board in 2021, with valuations following suit. Is this surge in European unicorns sustainable?


Cryptos beyond the currencies

The sharp sell-off in crypto has potentially provided entry points for long-term investors. Many however, are looking for diverse plays on crypto, beyond owning the currencies directly. We look at some of the ...