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Amazon reveals its first Robotaxi

You know the drill when you’re calling an Uber: you never know whether you'll have to talk or not (sometimes it's fun, other times, a little awkward). Fear no more, you asocial beings: the time has (almost) come for driverless robotaxis.


Streaming: Disney's saving grace

Thanks to Disney+, some analysts now view The Walt Disney Company as a solid buy and hold stock. This is a recap of the streaming mission that saved Disney this year.

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Facebook might have to say goodbye to WhatsApp and Instagram

Facebook might get sued for its massive recent acquisitions for anti-competition reasons. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) accuses them of buying rivals to stifle competition and build a monopoly.


Investing in Tesla: Disruption vs. Excess

Tesla and CEO Elon Musk have captured the hearts and minds of investors who believe in the disruption of EVs but the gains in the stock by many measures are excessive.


The biggest acquisition of 2020: $44B for more data

S&P Global, the Data giant, agreed to buy IHS Markit in an all-stock deal, a London-based data company for the decent amount of $44 billion.

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Yet another SPAC: The Lion Electric EVs

The EV bus and truck company is looking to go public via SPAC in the beginning of next year.


Is Salesforce buying Slack?

The giant cloud software company is working on a deal to acquire the messaging company. According to people familiar with the matter, this would be one of the biggest software transaction ever.


Toast, the DineTech startup, soars to an 8 billion valuation

It was not an easy year for a company focused on serving restaurants, but it seems like they managed to pull it off, and with grace. How?


New Snapchat feature Spotlight pays users $1 million for viral hits

Likes are not only here as a vanity metric anymore: They can make you rich. How does that happen?

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Swiss Stocks: Zur Rose and their new healthcare platform

Zur Rose is developing its own, fully-integrated healthcare platform for user's convenience. Insurances, doctors and pharmacies: all in one place for the best patient experience.


Google is in overlord mode again, here's why

Google is launching its own payments and money management services. An upgraded Google Play which, frankly, scares me a little.


Duolinguo: making you learn new languages

The Dulolingo app which teaches you over 40 different languages just raised $35 million, bringing its valuation at $2.4 billion.


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