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Big banks sieged by big tech via cloud

Crypto firms want to step onto the system’s main financial railways much to the dismay of incumbent banks. While this matters, big banks have a bigger problem to deal with… Big Tech.


China’s tech crackdown: who wins, who loses?

After covering the story behind the Chinese crackdown, a ...

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The Swiss Series: Astrocast is doing big things with little satellites

We have all heard of SpaceX, and the recent commercial space flight events, but the space world is not limited to rockets! Swiss-based Astrocast just went public in Oslo. They lower the cost of managing remote assets ...


The future of home security is in smart homes

We have some questions about covid-19’s impact on home security products. It’s a straightforward question to ask don’t you think? With people at home pretty much more than ever in the history of mankind, has the home ...


The L’Oréal digital transformation reinventing the future of cosmetics

Digitalization has revolutionized every industry and is changing our ways of living, consuming, communicating and working. But how can a company like L’Oréal, that primarily relies on a “tangible” customer experience, ...


Facebook’s ‘’metaverse’’—a fool’s errand, or masterplan?

Have you heard that Facebook is about to develop a ‘’metaverse’’? That this metaverse will ...


Why did Big Tech stocks fall after great earnings? It could be a problem

Some of the strongest earnings growth that the world’s biggest companies are ever likely to see was not well-received by the market. How come? And what does it say about future stock performance?


The story behind the Chinese stock sell-off & why it might not be over

Chinese tech stocks are experiencing a sell-off as concerns around regulatory crackdowns continue. To understand what caused investors to doubt their tech holdings, let’s have a look at the Chinese tech industry ...


Zooms acquires cloud call centre firm Five9 in a $15 billion deal

Zoom simply exploded during the pandemic, its stock having soared as much as 400%. However, the end of the pandemic means that the company needs to find other ways to expand to keep growing.


Top 10 tech trends following the pandemic

Right as VC investment is reaching a new record, VC company OurCrowd published what they think will be the main tech trends following the pandemic. From supply chain innovation to quantum computing, have a read to discover these trends and the ...


Virgin Galactic goes to space and bring back awareness on the space industry

The biggest space event since the first man on the moon happened last weekend. Virgin Galactic’s CEO Richard Branson put his life on the line to prove the capability of its business model. What does this change in the space industry and what is ...


Bumble Brew: “a safe space for healthy and equitable relationships and connections”

The famous dating app Bumble asking women to make the first move is ...


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