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US-EU aircraft duopoly disputes grounding challenges China

A 17-year-old dispute between Boeing and Airbus ends in a deal unlocking billions of dollars in transatlantic commerce. The US and EU team-up to slow down Chinese commercial aviation industry. A look at European ...


Maritime shipping: implications of a structural demand shift and capacity supply crunch.

Low-cost shipping is essential to world trade, but currently jeopardized by steel prices rising, a consumer demand surging and bottlenecks adding further pressure on fragile supply chains. Is there a maritime shipping ...


Trading Risk Management [video]

Those who can manage winning and losing investments over time are the ones who achieve real consistency to their trading results. Put simply, risk management is the way a trader handles the inherent risk of losing money when trading.


FlowBank Pro Platform Tutorial - Advanced Features [video]

This is the second part of the platform tutorial covering the more advanced features including the options board and bond screener. The first part of the tutorial can be found


FlowBank Pro Platform Tutorial [video]

Learn all you need to know about the FlowBank Pro trading platform - available to download on PC or Mac. If you have not already done so - sign up for a


Should I try online trading?

A quick guide to trading online for newbies. What is it? An example trade in Apple stock, the risks and why you might consider trying it.


7 tips for trading vs investing from home

Everybody is having to make big adjustments to their lives because of remote working. Luckily trading and investing are very suited to working from home!


12 hours ago

UK wind power generation hit the highest level since May yesterday

13 hours ago

Surging electricity prices put pressure on metals producers

14 hours ago

Taper warning signs flash to markets from Indian central bank