Bitcoin to Dollar Currency War: The Fiat Strikes Back

Can we view what has been happening in cryptocurrency and forex markets over the past 18 months as a giant currency war between fiat and crypto? If yes, how will Bitcoin handle a new strike from the US dollar?


US-EU aircraft duopoly disputes grounding challenges China

A 17-year-old dispute between Boeing and Airbus ends in a deal unlocking billions of dollars in transatlantic commerce. The US and EU team-up to slow down Chinese commercial aviation industry. A look at European stocks as a result of the deal.


Cryptocurrencies and NFTs in Asia: a risky promise

East Asian markets are jumping on cryptocurrency and NFT opportunities, but high volatility and falling liquidity on the NFT market could end the promise of wealth prematurely.


Capital expenditure bonanza on the horizon

In 2021, real investment worldwide will be a fifth higher than before the recession. By 2022, half the firms in the S&P 500 are expecting to increase capital expenditure by a tenth. Consumers have spending money, and the pandemic has initiated major structural shifts—is there a red-hot capex cycle ahead?

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How Japan could spark up the global hydrogen market

Hydrogen was always dismissed for its high cost and inconvenience. But Japan could be the country that shakes the status quo, starting up a fire that might spark a movement on the entire planet. Here is the plan. 


Klarna beating competition in the BNPL space: IPO ahead?

Spotify and Oatly are great, but the Swedes also have Klarna a service for shopping, paying, and banking, all in one place. Klarna is Europe’s most anticipated IPO right now, but why are they worth $20B more than Deutsche Bank?


The return of growth stocks, oil barrel above $70, China and the U.S. bonding again: our top 10 stories of the week

Read the 10 stories to remember from the week which ended June 11. 


Global Minimum Tax: 3 Reasons to Keep your FAANG Tech Stocks

2021 has been dubbed the reopening reflation year, and as such cyclical stocks have mostly outperformed big tech. Will a Global Minimum tax put a top in FAANG?


Maritime shipping: implications of a structural demand shift and capacity supply crunch.

Low-cost shipping is essential to world trade, but currently jeopardized by steel prices rising, a consumer demand surging and bottlenecks adding further pressure on fragile supply chains. Is there a maritime shipping trading idea here?


Killing the internet for an hour: Fastly’s “Error 503 Service Unavailable”

Error, no connection! Dozens of websites went dark for about an hour. And we have found the guilty party: a $6 billion, San Francisco based start-up named Fastly. What happened?

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Clover Health, the new meme stock in blossom

Individual traders pumping the price of individual stocks have found a new prey to play with. The Clover Health stock price shot up triple digits at one point on Tuesday. Here is what happened. 

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Twitter Blue: is the subscription model worth $360M?

Twitter is right to seek out new revenues streams like a subscription model for the most prolific of users. Twitter’s desire to target tester markets like Canada and Australia to launch Twitter Blue raises some flags, but a US and European implementation could generate significant revenues.


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