Why the 1 million trucker shortage could be profitable

The reopening trade demand surge plus supply chain bottlenecks currently challenge the freight industry in several ways. What are the consequences of this pressure to expand quickly and how to play it?


Charging stations have become a bottleneck to EV development

While EV sales keep soaring, we might have neglected the second step of the transformation: charging. Going for small trips close to home is easy, but how will governments and industry implement charging solutions to satisfy long-distance needs? Everyone seems to be very late on their schedule.

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Sony’s newfound success and profession as an arms dealer in streaming

Why try to beat the Lannister’s when you have the opportunity to be the iron bank? In this article, we highlight Sony’s excellent strategy to stay afloat in the streaming industry without offering a streaming service.

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The e-dollar project is live: and how it differs from the e-yuan

Yesterday, the Digital Dollar Project launched five pilot programs to test out the e-dollar. In this article, we dissect the differences between the e-dollar and the e-yuan, and shed some light on of the hinge points around international competition and currency influence.

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Are we at the peak of everything?

Many market drivers seem to have reached a ceiling. Is this also the case for the equity markets?


Ethereum surpasses $3,000. What's next?

The second largest cryptocurrency by market cap could threaten Bitcoin's position as leader of the pack. How can Ether's recent performance be explained, and is it too late to take an interest in ETH? 

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The week ahead: US "BIG" jobs report, PMI numbers and earnings in focus

Read the key events to monitor for the week which starts on May 3, 2021.  

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Strong economic growth, rising earnings, easy monetary policy - our top 10 stories of the week.

Read the 10 stories to remember from the week which ended April, 30th 2021.  


How MakerDAO facilitates pure peer-to-peer online lending

The MakerDAO project offers users a decentralized peer- to- peer lending mechanism by which to borrow funds in such a way that is inflation protected. We explore how the protocol runs and some use cases.


The boom of virtual real estate

Digital buildings and land that you can buy and sell in virtual games as NFTs for hundreds of thousands of dollars? No, you are not dreaming, this is all real.


Pet stocks are not just pandemic stocks—who let the dogs out?

While quarantines may have stirred people’s desires to own pets, pet stocks should not be strictly categorized as covid-era stocks—after all, cats and dogs tend to live at least a decade!

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ESG investing is getting trendier by the month

We have never seen more inflows towards ESG funds. Aside from ethics, is this a good trend for investors in terms of returns, and where is this trend going?