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The Green Rush could be led by GE's monster wind turbine

They are so big that they are hard to photograph. GE has developed the most powerful and enormous wind turbine on the planet. What are they and how can they help GE gain their honor back?

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UK’s FTSE 100 could be an unlikely winner from an American blue sweep

The largest components of the UK blue chip index lend themselves to the ‘reflation trade’ emerging from a possible Democratic sweep of the US government.

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Bitcoin mining explained, and the best mining companies.

So you might be curious to know how bitcoin mining works, or are considering becoming a bitcoin miner yourself ? Or perhaps you are looking for bitcoin mining public companies to invest in ? Read on.

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Top 7 Tweets of the day - 5th of January 2021

Find out about our selection of the top tweets of the day #markets #macroeconomics #technicalanalysis 

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Sweden country profile: Swedish Krona soars against the Dollar

The Swedish Krona has been in the news lately. Our research into the country will offer you an overview of why Sweden caught our attention at FlowBank and why there is more than just the Krona going for it. 

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Georgia runoff spike could start a 'laggard trade' in gold mining stocks

Early signs are that gold mining stocks continue to attract interest from investors in 2021 with hopes for a possible 'laggard trade' to chase the high price of gold.

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Green bonds are the new cool: a glimpse into 2021

Green bonds are seeing an increasing popularity and investors should be ready for their arrival as policymakers are looking for ways to kick off a sustainable Corona recovery. So what are green bonds ?

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Top 7 Tweets of the day - 4th of January 2021

Find out about our selection of the top tweets of the day #markets #macroeconomics #technicalanalysis 

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Cryptomania; behind the scenes of the crypto surge

A perspective on the potential dynamics behind the crypto asset surge we are seeing lately. If you are thinking about buying crypto assets yet know nothing about the crypto price surge, begin here.

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Ethereum trading goes wild! New ATH possible before futures launch next month

Ether (the Ethereum token) soared to $1150 in wild weekend trading before slumping back under $900 within hours. Is there more than FOMO behind the moves?

Technology   E-commerce   Fintech the service to unleash innovation with connected payment

The service is an easy to install API allowing most payment methods to be used on your platform, along with many extra features for lower fees, better execution and detailed data. What's the story of the company and how are they different from the likes of Stripe?

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Investment themes for 2021 and beyond

We have identified our top six themes with which to base your investment in the coming year.