Swiss Stocks: Zur Rose and their new healthcare platform

Zur Rose is developing its own, fully-integrated healthcare platform for user's convenience. Insurances, doctors and pharmacies: all in one place for the best patient experience.

The news

Founded in 1993 with headquarters in Frauenfeld, Zur Rose is a pharma company whose business is to sell their drugs by mail. Today, they want to drop paper prescription, and have it all carried out digitally – much like we can see in France with Doctolib’. According to a report on the global online pharmacy market, Zur Rose AG is one of the top 15 most important players in the industry.

Like many other companies, the goal of Zur Rose is to profit from the technology adoption growth we’ve seen worldwide, thanks to the pandemic. People would rather stay at home and get their needs delivered to their door directly. If the market for delivered prescription drugs was at $1.320 billion in 2019, it is expected to almost double by 2025, at $2.015 billion, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.3% between 2020 and 2025. Starting next year, clients will be able to receive and use electronic prescription to order the medicine they need.


An increasing demand

There are many reasons as to why the company is entering this branch of the market. First, we must remember that they have acquired the German company “Teleclinic”, a firm offering telemedicine services – once again, really similar to Doctolib’. This was useful to gain experience in this new yet ever more required healthcare service.

According to Zur Rose, their new acquisition managed to multiply its consultations by 5 this year, reaching around 18’000 a month ago. Today, they are partnering with over 35’000 doctors, a massive increase. And the thing is: when consultations increase, so do drugs prescriptions.




A new platform on the way

Zur Rose decided to go even beyond just medicine delivery by building its fully integrated healthcare platform, which will be launched the second quarter of 2021. The company will establish a joint venture with other important actors such as Allianz Care, Css and Visana.

"For the first time in Switzerland, partners from different areas of the healthcare system will work together to jointly establish a company to operate an integrated digital healthcare platform," announced the Zur Rose Group, Allianz Care, CSS and Visana in a joint press release. The aim is thus "improved quality of treatment and more efficient processes". First, however, approval by the national competition authorities is necessary.

The platform will be opened to all players in the healthcare industry: insurers, doctors, hospitals, pharmacies, and others. Different partners are encouraged to participate in the design of the platform, making it tuned to their specific needs. The ultimate goal is to "support clients in organising their personal health care and in all stages of treatment", according to Zur Rose. Patients will be able to get the full overview on their health and treatment, making things much simpler and better integrated.


Own infrastructure, operations and international extension

According to the communications, the Zur Rose Group will be in charge of the technology operating the platform, due to their extensive experience in the e-health industry. As an example, it is Zur Rose’s subsidiary eHealth-Tec is in charge of the technical implementation of an e-prescription project for the German “Techniker Krankenkasse” (an insurance company). They will therefore provide of both the infrastructure and the operations of the platform.

The platform will be available only to Swiss residents for now, but when asked, the company announced that an extension in Germany was not planned but entirely possible.


About the Zur Rose stock

Zur Rose’s stock went on a killing growth streak this past year, going from around CHF 90 to around CHF 256 at the time of writing. According to analysts at Wallet Investor, the stock has the potential to cross the CHF 1’000 milestone by 2025, making it a solid buy and hold investment. This would mean a +323.93% growth : turning CHF 1’000 in CHF 4’239.3, a solid return indeed.


Zur Rose Stock's

Zur Rose stock's past performance (Source: Investing.com)

Zur Rose stock's predicted performance for 2020-2021

Zur Rose stock's predicted performance for 2020-2021 (Source: Wallet Investor)


A threatening shadow: Amazon

As you may have read in this article, Amazon is launching “Amazon Pharmacy” its own prescription drugs delivery system. The completeness of its offer and its gigantic reach make it a very serious competitor, although it does not have its hand on the European market just yet. One thing is for sure, healthcare projects focusing on easing prescription drugs acquisition must run fast, or they’ll be cut down mid-run by bigger multinationals like Amazon.



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