November 2020 markets review: "Investors are surfing on a wave of liquidity"

Below we highlight 15 key charts to remember from the month of November 2020.  

Story #1: Global stocks soared over 13% in November - the greatest monthly gain in its history - as a $15 trillion rise in global liquidity helped to lift global stocks off those March lows, and continue to inflate asset prices everywhere.

nov 1



Story #2: Dow Jones Industrial rose almost 12% in November, its best month since January 1987, as data on coronavirus vaccines buoyed bets on an economic recovery

nov 2



Story #3: The $15 trillion in additional global liquidity has sent the S&P 500 to its most expensive valuation in history...

nov 3



Story #4: The VIX index collapsed by almost 17 vols in November, its second biggest monthly compression in history

nov 4



Story #5: November saw a combined bond/stock portfolio's second-best monthly gain since March 2009...

nov 5



Story #6: U.S Cyclicals significantly outperformed U.S defensives post-vaccine...

nov 6



Story #7: U.S Energy stocks were November's massive outperformer, soaring over 31% - for the greatest monthly performance for Energy stocks ever...

nov 7



Story #8: Tesla just hit 600 dollar intra-day, now worth $574bn.

nov 8



Story #9: While global stocks are trading at record high levels, the aggregate sovereign bond yield is at the lowest level since August. Which one would give up?

nov 9



Story #10: As global stocks and bonds rallied, the dollar was battered to its 2nd worst month in almost 3 years (and down 7 of the last 8 months) to its weakest against its fiat peers since April 2018 (and unchanged since Jan 2015) ...

nov 10



Story #11: The price of copper, often seen as an economic bellwether, is up 62% from its March low and has risen to its highest level since 2013.

nov 11


Story #12: November was Gold's worst month since November 2016 (and is down for 3 straight months). It was the worst USD-adjusted month for gold since June 2013 (-5.2% Gold, -2.5% USD)...

nov 12


Story #13: Bitcoin extends rally to top an All-time-High of $19,748.

nov 13


Story #14: Cryptos had a massive month. While Bitcoin was up around 40% - its best month since May 2019 – Ripple, Ethereum and Litecoin posted even bigger gains...

nov 14



Story #15: Portugal 10-year bond yield at 0.006%. It was above 15% just 8 years ago.

nov 15


Source:, Bloomberg, Holger Z, Jeroen Blokland

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