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MonthlyFlow - February 2022

2022 is off to a rocky start, but the outlook for the year remains constructive


China: national tech giants at bargain prices

Speculative frenzy in Chinese tech stocks is long over! That is, for most investors, but not Warren Buffet’s right-hand man, Charlie Munger, who recently invested in Alibaba. Could historically low valuations be a ...


Non-fungible tokens: too big to ignore

It seems that the market has arrived at a consensus: proven ownership of digital assets can increase digital value. So how does it work, and where can this technology be useful?


Bond markets could be pricing in too many hikes

The yield on 10-year Treasuries just struck a 2-year high and Fed funds futures are pricing a near certainty that the Fed hikes in March with more to follow from the Fed and other central banks in 2022. Is that too much?


Bitcoin vs inflation: maturing into a real asset?

Data suggests that bitcoin is beginning to play a role of an inflation hedge. Could it be that bitcoin is maturing into a 'real asset'?


Semiconductors: the booming chip industry

The semiconductors industry is red hot and chip manufacturers are responding with waves of new investments. Where can investors find attractive opportunities?


Is gold still attractive?

While rate hikes can create headwinds for gold, history shows the impact may be limited. In fact, the past two gold bull cycles began with the Fed raising interest rates (2004, 2015).


Bottom fishing stocks in 2022: Genomics

Major stock indices might be near record highs, held up by heavyweights like Apple, but there are parts of the market nursing huge losses. Today we explore whether it’s time to go bottom fishing in genomics stocks. ...

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Buybacks and 4 more criterias to pick stocks with ‘margin of safety’

Stock buybacks, popularity, and a few valuation criteria can help select stocks with an attractive risk/reward ratio and appealing downside protection.


Shopify takes the merchant’s stand

Shopify’s business model puts the merchant first, not the customer, unlike Amazon. This positions Shopify uniquely as a buoy for retailers to stay afloat against the rising tides of price-cutting models seen in ...


The euro turns 20. What's next?

The euro turned 20 years old on January 1st, much to the relief of the citizens who adopted it, but to the surprise of some economists who’ve been predicting a euro break-up for years. So what’s next for the euro?

MacroAsset Allocation

MonthlyFlow - January 2022

The year has already started with a bang, so here is a look at the top 10 questions we have been getting for the coming 12 ...


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