Market Research

Cryptocurrencies   Bitcoin

Is the Coinbase IPO a good investment?

The Coinbase IPO is the most exciting stock market event for cryptocurrency enthusiasts ever. BUT it faces challenges from regulation and competition. Could Coinbase be worth $100 billion ?

Cryptocurrencies   Ethereum   NFT

Non-fungible tokens: top 6 trends of the moment

It seems that the market has arrived at a consensus: proven ownership of digital assets can increase digital value. So how does it work, and where will this technology be useful?

Forex   Trading Strategy

How to Optimize Forex earnings

Whether you’re a forex trading beginner or seasoned trader, how to best optimize forex earnings remains the most discussed topic. 

Vertical Farming

How vertical farms are revolutionizing agribusiness

Urban planners are tasked with answering some pressing inquiries: how can farming be brought closer to consumers; is digital agriculture an essential ingredient for making cities smarter; and can vertical farming improve socio-economic disparities?

Funds   Private equity   Entrepreneurship

Search funds: a niche within private equity

At the time of disruptive business models, “uberization” of the economy and “everything-on-demand”, similar revolutionary capital raising models are being developed within the financial industry. There is one niche within Private Equity which is developing at a very fast pace while staying under the radar of most generalists.

Asset Allocation

The week ahead: All eyes on US Employment, Fed Powel speech and bond yields

Read the key events to monitor for the week which starts on March 1, 2021.  

Asset Allocation


Read the 10 stories to remember from the week which ended February 26th, 2021.  

Drones   Future Series

Why drone commercial applications make it an exciting investment!

Drones are made famous because they will change the delivery business, but their applications go beyond transporting parcels. Commercial use cases include safety, monitoring, agriculture, and construction.

Stocks   Bonds   Macro   Financial market

Rising bond yields, slowing stock momentum: what to do?

As bond yields are soaring, momentum on stock prices is slowing down. Is this the end of the party? While the situation may look grim, we ought to have a closer look at it to see that things might not be as bad as they seem.

Forex   Brexit   GBPUSD

British pound at risk of a setback before new post-Brexit high

GBP/USD just hit a 3-year peak with forex traders eyeing a new post-Brexit peak. But next week's UK budget and the slow reopening plan pose risks.

Real Estate

Why PropTech is changing real estate for the better.

Property Technology is revolutionizing the way we buy, sell and trade houses. The real estate market is one of the world's largest, and PropTech innovation will make it more accessible and affordable. 

Stocks   Technology   Cars   Consumer Electronics

Semiconductors are the new diamonds: will Taiwan keep pace?

Amidst the semi-conductor shortage, impairing car production and consumers electronics, countries like the US and Germany have written letters to the Taiwanese government, asking for help. What will Taiwan do to face this massive demand?