FlowOne: an innovative platform built to simplify your trading experience

Our all-in-one advanced trading platform provides instant access to a wide range of investment products globally. All this from a unique multi-currency account, accessible on any device.

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True multi asset platform including leveraged products

Trade financial markets globally with access to all asset classes and best execution with very low latency.


One single multi-currency account

Trade a wide range of products all from a single multi-currency account with cross margin capabilities.


24/5 Swiss based support in multiple languages

Take advantage of our digital and live customer support team, fully based in Switzerland.


The peace of mind of a Swiss bank account

As a regulated Swiss bank we guarantee the security and protection of your assets.

Enhance your trading experience


Trading multiple financial markets at once with our unique “Basket Trader”

  • Trade multiple asset classes and strategies such as long/short with a single click
  • Build, manage, and trade your multi-asset portfolio in one place

Easy-to-use color graded search function

  • Quick search: find instruments by name, symbol, and ISIN
  • Easily identify asset class by color code
  • Hide and display instruments by asset class for a customized experience

Multi-Account Trading for different strategies

  • Create sub-accounts to segregate and differentiate trading strategies, performance, and client accounts under the same master account.

Intuitive “Click Trade module” and advanced order interface

  • Drag and drop or one click trading from search or graph
  • Click and create a buy or sell limit order to be filled at best price
  • Place “clever” Take Profit (TP) / Stop Loss (SL)
  • Easy input: add quantity and hit buy/sell to perform trades quickly

Advanced Quote Monitor to keep track of your instruments

  • Track the market with our “Quote Monitor”, wherever you go
  • Create multiple watchlists so you can easily monitor current and potential investments

Accessible Trade Blotter

  • Display executions and customize a portfolio with our advanced filters

Pick your theme color

  • Customize your color scheme.
  • Choose between a light and dark theme and switch between them anytime.

An intuitive, innovative, and cost-efficient platform

Trade wherever you are with FlowOne


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Customize your charts

Control the desired level of chart timeframes down to a tick, a minute, or longer. Display trades, volumes, and benefit from high-quality trading signals directly on your screen.


Set price alerts

Don’t miss any opportunities with real-time alerts based on price movements.

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Bond screener

A powerful comparison tool allowing you to view a wide universe of bonds by issuer, maturity, rating, and currency.


Option board

An easy to read and customizable module divided into two sections, call and put options. Measure risk and volatility with Greeks.

Risk management tools


One click cancel & close

Manage your risk. Cancel and close all open positions with just one click.


Stop orders

Add stop-loss orders right from the trade ticket, so you can limit losses, immediately, every time.

Real time margin monitoring

Real-time margin monitoring

The margin monitor keeps you alert to the implications that trading conditions changes will have on your portfolio, assisting you to maintain prudent risk management.


How can we help?

Check out some of our most popular FAQ’s below.

What are my advantages with FlowBank?

There are many great reasons to join FlowBank. Here are five to get you started.

  • One platform that provides you with instant access to a wide universe of investment products globally.
  • The peace of mind of a Swiss bank
  • Account opening takes minutes
  • Advanced technology so you can optimize and customize your investment experience
  • 24/5 multilingual customer support by real people based in Switzerland

Is there a cost to use FlowOne?

There is no cost to use the FlowOne platform.

How do I open an account?

Getting started with FlowBank is simple and quick. Start the onboarding process by creating an account, answering a few questions, and verify your identity. Once your online application is approved you can fund your account and start trading.

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How does FlowBank protect my assets?

With all operations based in Switzerland, deposits are guaranteed up to CHF 100'000.- and regulated by FINMA. Moreover, we are supervised by external auditors who control all our activities.
For more information about the guarantee, please visit esisuisse website.

How do I start using FlowOne?

FlowOne is a trading platform built to enhance your trading experience. The platform is available on a desktop or as a mobile app, on any device. Opening an account takes minutes and once funded you can start trading. It is that easy!

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