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Are cryptocurrencies available at FlowBank ?

Discover the crypto-asset products available on our platform.

We offer many crypto-asset products including crypto ETFs, crypto-ETPs and crypto-ETNs. 

Crypto ETFs track the performance of one or several digital tokens which can be traded on traditional exchanges. For example, BTCC.U.TMX is an ETF with bitcoin as the underlying asset. It is managed by Purpose Investments and listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange. 


ETPs on Crypto are 100% physically backed and replicate the performance of the underlying crypto-currency. For example, BITC.SIX is a physical bitcoin ETP listed on the Swiss Stock Exchange.  


Crypto Tracker Certificates are derivative products that replicate the performance of an underlying crypto asset. These certificates are listed on an exchange. For example, SETH is a certificate listed on the Swiss Stock Exchange. 


An ETN on Crypto will track the price movement of cryptocurrencies without holding the underlying physical coins. It is a debt note with a maturity date traded on an exchange and which can be sold short. For example: VBTC is an ETN that invests in Bitcoin and is listed on the Exchange Electronic Trading XETRA.   


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