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What is the difference between “Live” and “Demo” accounts

Explaining the difference between "Live" and "Demo" accounts.

Once you register at FlowBank you can choose between opening a “LIVE” or “DEMO” account. In essence, the DEMO account offers virtual €1,000,000 so you can practice your trading skills and try your strategies. The LIVE trading account allows you to  perform real-time trades.

Here’s how the two accounts are different:


List of documents required for an Individual Trader (LIVE)

List of documents required for a Corporate Trader (LIVE)

No documents needed to open a DEMO account. Simply sign up and set a password 

Market data

Real-time (LIVE)

Delayed by at least 30 minutes (DEMO)

Minimum funding

For a LIVE account you obviously need to transfer funds in order to trade. However,  there is no minimum amount technically speaking. 

Zero funding required. DEMO account offers virtual €1,000,000 to practice your trading skills

Monetary Profit / Loss

Borne by the trader (LIVE)

No profit/loss (DEMO)

If you run out of virtual funds on your Demo account, visit the Settings page in the client's area of my.flowbank.com and click on the Reset Demo Button.