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What are the fees applied to my FlowBank account ?

Fees applied to your FlowBank account

There are no inactivity fees nor maintenance fees applied on FlowBank accounts, only custody fees apply. 

These custody fees are calculated based on the value of your portfolio and debited quarterly at a rate of 0.10% with a minimum of 10 CHF and a maximum of 50 CHF per quarter. 
Example :  

If in the first quarter you own 30 000 CHF of asset value, the custody fees will amount to: 30 000 x 0.1% x 0.25 = 7.5 CHF. (The 0.25 refer to the quarter). 


As the minimum is 10 CHF per quarter then you will be charged 10 CHF. 

If in the first quarter you own 300 000 CHF of asset value, the custody fees will amount to: 300 000 x 0.1% x 0.25 = 75 CHF. 

As the maximum is 50 CHF per quarter then you will be charged 50 CHF. 


This calculation will be done every quarter.