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Investing in the stock market is one of the best ways to build wealth in the long term.
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By registering, you agree that FlowBank may store and process your name & email address in order to provide this content. We respect your privacy.


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  • We’ll guide you through portfolio options and goal setting

About us

The Flow is a state of mind

The name FlowBank comes from the concept and meaning of Flow. A flow state refers to the maximum level of concentration a person can reach when they are focused and absorbed in an activity. This energy and positive experience reflect that of the investor who has the focus and motivation to succeed. Get the Flow mindset with us.

Founded in 2020 FlowBank is an online bank headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. Our mission is to connect you to global markets by offering online investing and trading tools that are easy to use, affordable, and transparent.

FlowBank is licensed by the FINMA and is a member of esisuisse.

Common answers to common questions

What is investing?

What is investing?

The word investing is a broad term. Overall it is the act of allocating resources, most generally money with the intention to generate income or a profit.

How is FlowBank different from other banks in Switzerland?

FlowBank is 100% online which means you won't be able to walk into a branch-like many other Swiss banks. As an online bank, we put all our resources into our investing and trading platforms. We built FlowBank with a focus on providing you with the best investing experience, the lowest prices, and a full suite of educational resources. So where can you find us, if you really want to? Our teams are 100% based in Switzerland with offices in the city center of Geneva and Zurich.

When should I start investing?

Today. Every investment makes a difference. Even a very small one. The sooner you start investing the sooner you can see your money grow from compound interest. Leaving your hard-earned money in a low or zero-interest savings account will not generate returns in the long term. Of course, it's always important to keep money aside in your bank account for fixed expenses and be prepared for any unforeseen emergencies.

Can I switch to FlowBank from my other bank?

Of course and when you decide to switch our customer support team is there to help ensure a smooth transition. Plus if you are charged any transfer fees from your current bank we will reimburse those fees up to 750 CHF.

Why are low fees so important when investing?

The more fees you pay the less money you have invested. Every Swiss franc you spend on fees is one that cant generate compounding returns. Of course, fees are part of investing but the key is finding a bank that keeps these fees very low, like FlowBank.