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Monthly cash rebates structure

Forex, Indices, and Commodities Rebates
Tier Threshold (Volume of trades in m) Rate (Earned per 1m traded)

50 - 200


200 - 500




Trading volume rebate example

Your total monthly CFD trade value will need to be at least CHF 50m to earn rebates.
This includes the following asset classes: Forex, Indices, and Commodities.

As soon as you reach this level, you can earn CHF 3, CHF 5, or CHF 7 depending on the tiers below, from every CHF 1m you trade beginning from the first trade of the month.

CFD rebate overview


If you are an active trader you can be eligible for monthly cash rebates on forex, indices, and commodities

To qualify you must meet our monthly trade volume requirements for one or multiple asset classes listed below.

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Conditions for CFD rebates

Our CFD rebate program is available to clients that meet the minimum monthly trade value requirements on this page, across asset classes.

FlowBank reserves the right to retract or change its monthly rebates at any time without giving notice and at its sole discretion. A rebate payment made does not imply a commitment to provide a future rebate payment.

Monthly CFD rebates will normally be credited at the close of business on the 15th of the following month or the next workday if the 15th falls on a non-business day.

There may be occasions where it will take longer to process this payment and FlowBank will not be held responsible for any delay or for any (direct or indirect) losses caused by this delay. FlowBank will also not be held responsible for any (direct or indirect) loss caused by a missed rebate payment.

Rebate payments should not be this basis for any decisions you take regarding your FlowBank account activity. Please note that a rebate payment is not in any way meant to limit your obligations in respect of your trades and may not be used to offset any payment obligations you have to us.

A rebate payment cannot in any circumstance be used to fulfill your total margin requirement, until the point where the rebate payment has been credited to your account. Standard rules and procedures regarding account close-out will still apply and you cannot rely on a rebate payment to prevent an account-close out.

All CFD rebates are subject to and contingent upon your adherence to FlowBank’s Terms and Conditions. Any violation or suspected violation of the Terms and Conditions will give FlowBank the right to stop the paying of the rebate and without prior notice and/or reclaim payments previously paid according to these terms.

The rebate will not be paid for any trades that are subsequently canceled, reversed, or voided by FlowBank. If a rebate has already been paid in relation to any trades that have been canceled, reversed, or voided. FlowBank will deduct the rebate paid in relation to these trades from your account.