FlowBank Sponsorship

We aim to create long-term sponsorships with partners that share our vision of finding the Flow.

Meet Elina Svitolina

Our brand ambassador Elina Svitolina is a competitive tennis player, now ranked number 5 in woman's tennis. She shares our values: No barriers. Clarity. Positivity.

Just like an investor: a professional athlete has to reach a maximum level of concentration with every move they make in order to succeed.
This is Flow. This is who we are.


Swiss Tennis

Our strong focus on tennis made it natural to support the place where it all begins. To excel in sports, young athletes need training and support from a young age. As the governing body of tennis in Switzerland, Swiss Tennis accompanies them from the very beginning to the highest levels. As a sponsor of Swiss Tennis, we are proud to be part of this journey and make dreams a reality.

Drizia-Miremont Tennis Club

Based in Geneva, the Drizia-Miremont Tennis Club was established almost a 100 years ago. As a true local landmark, it has been a place of learning for many generations of tennis players, where they all had the opportunity to find their Flow.

EPFL Finance Association

FlowBank is proud to sponsor the future professionals that are shaping the world of tomorrow. We are committed to supporting regional communities and supporting young talents that reflect Flow through a passion for excellence in innovation and education.