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What is the difference between FlowBank App and FlowBank Pro?

Two trading platforms for your FlowBank account

The two platforms are connected to your FlowBank account. It means that what you see on one platform is also visible on the other one. You can use them separately or together.  

The FlowBank app is a mobile only trading platform. It is a user-friendly platform on which you can see your current positions and find trading opportunities through its Explore section. Within the FlowBank app you can also transfer funds in and out, as well as exchange currencies.  

FlowBank Pro is an advanced trading platform. It offers you the full set of features to optimize your trading. It is available on Desktop, Web and Mobile. You cannot transfer money in and out from your account from FlowBank Pro. Also, it does not offer an Explore section as the FlowBank app. 

All asset classes are available on both platforms, except Options. They are available only on FlowBank Pro. 



FlowBank app offers the core functionalities to find products, buy, sell and monitor your positions, while managing your FlowBank account. To learn more on how to trade with the FlowBank app, have a look at our dedicated Help Center article.

FlowBank Pro on the other hand focuses solely on trading. It offers many advanced features such as:  

  • Charts 
  • Click-Trade 
  • Basket trader 
  • Multi-Account Trading 
  • Quote Monitor 
  • Option Board 
  • Trade Blotter 
  • Bond Screener 
  • And more 

To learn more about FlowBank Pro and how to use it, look at our dedicated Help Center article.