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Open an account today and start trading at the most competitive prices. Get access to 50,000+ financial instruments on global markets. Optimize your trading experience on innovative platforms made for every level of investor.


How do we stand apart from the competition?

FlowBank's trading platforms stand out in more ways than one. We provide access to global markets on multi-asset and multi-currency trading platforms- created to help you stay ahead of markets and sharpen your trading skills.

Our simple and intuitive FlowBank app gives you mobile-only access to invest in stocks and ETFs. Or you can take your trading to the next level with our FlowBank Pro mobile and desktop trading platform which gives you even more advanced features and tools. Both platforms give you access to trade at the most competitive pricing in Switzerland.

FlowBank's mission is to make investing more affordable and accessible. Get access to platforms that fit your trading style. Take advantage of FlowBank’s daily market research, innovative trading platforms, and 24/6 Swiss-based customer support. 

Compare the trading platforms of our competitors

Saxo Bank
Plus 500
CMC Markets
IC Markets
Free access to trading platforms Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Real time quotes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Account fee No No No No No Yes
Account minimums No Yes from 1,000 CHF Yes from 2,000 CHF Yes Yes from 500 CHF Yes from 200 CHF
24 hours support Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Inactivity fees No Yes Yes No Yes No
Real time alerts Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

See the FlowBank advantage for yourself

Comparison by Moneyland.ch, Switzerland’s leading financial comparison platform

(breakdown of costs for 1 year)

FlowBank CHF 0 CHF 300 CHF 270.00 CHF 30.00
Saxo Bank CHF 400.00 CHF 480.00 CHF 360.00 CHF 40.00
Swissquote CHF 617.00 CHF 617.00 CHF 555.30 CHF 19.70
Cornertrader CHF 360.00 CHF 240.00 CHF 216.00 CHF 36.00
Trade Direct CHF 598.00 CHF 598.00 CHF 592.20 CHF 89.80
Post Finance CHF 700.00 CHF 800.00 CHF 720.00 CHF 100.00
FlowBank CHF 0 CHF 22.50 CHF 24.30 CHF 28.00
Saxo Bank CHF 120.00 CHF 48.00 CHF 36.00 CHF 40.00
Swissquote CHF 335.10 CHF 61.70 CHF 55.55 CHF 19.70
Cornertrader CHF 150.00 CHF 50.00 CHF 45.00 CHF 56.00
Trade Direct CHF 296.40 CHF 59.80 CHF 59.20 CHF 89.80
Post Finance CHF 300.00 CHF 80.00 CHF 72.00 CHF 100.00

The FlowBank difference

Our mission is to give you a competitive advantage in all aspects of your trading. We aim to differentiate ourselves by providing you with the best trading platforms, the best fees, and the best service. With FlowBank you get access to over 50,000 instruments on global markets.
Built for every type of investor FlowBank makes it easy to place trades and manage investments.

Our daily market insights, daily newsletters, and trading courses help you stay ahead of markets and get the in-depth news you need to make better investment decisions and seize market opportunities.

Explore the advantages of trading with FlowBank.


Access global markets

Trade over 50,000 financial products including stocks, ETFs, bonds, funds, and options. With FlowBank you can seize opportunities on global markets and be confident you are getting the most competitive pricing.


Market insights

From our daily live news show to our expertly curated newsletters- you won’t miss a beat when it comes to market news. Plus, you can benefit from timely webinars, quarterly market outlooks, and live trading events.


Portfolio overview

Easily monitor and track your portfolio.  Our client area gives you a complete overview of your account and it's available on both mobile and desktop. Check your balances, make payments, and transfer your assets to FlowBank- all in one place. 


Themed Lists

Explore and diversify your portfolio with our themed stock lists. Discover new trends and new opportunities. Access stocks across a wide range of industries and start building your wealth for the long term.


Our trading platforms

FlowBank has trading platforms for every kind of investor. Whether you are just getting started or you are an experienced trader we want you to feel confident with us. Our streamlined and straightforward FlowBank app gives you a holistic portfolio and cash position overview. The FlowBank app also gives you access to trade a wide range of asset classes.
Alternatively, FlowBank Pro (available both on desktop and mobile) is built with more advanced features and risk management tools. Choose one platform or use them seamlessly based on your trading style. In addition, FlowBank offers its clients the well-known and popular MetaTrader platforms, MT4, and the next-generation platform MT5.

Powerful trading platforms and tools


FlowBank mobile app

Monitor and track your portfolio. Explore stocks and ETFs globally, create custom watchlists, or access our latest market research and financial news articles. The FlowBank mobile app is both a convenient and simple to use platform that gives you a complete overview of your portfolio in one place.


FlowBank Pro

A seamless experience, FlowBank Pro is an innovative platform for trading on desktop or on the go. Access advanced trading tools that give you the power to test and develop your strategies and execute even the most sophisticated trades. Trade over 50,000 instruments ‒ stocks, ETFs, bonds, futures, options, CFDs, and crypto-asset products, on one platform.


MetaTrader 4

Enhance your Forex trading experience with the MetaTrader 4 platform. MT4 gives you the ability to trade seamlessly from any device. Implement your trading strategy with Expert Advisors and technical indicators of any complexity. View and automatically copy deals of hundreds of traders.


MetaTrader 5

Level up your trading on MT5. Benefit from access to even more tools and instruments on the next-generation platform for Forex and stock markets. The MetaTrader 5 platform supports all types of trade orders and gives you access to thousands of expert advisors.


Compare our trading platforms

Not sure which platform is right for you. Use the below table as a reference to get an overview of our trading platforms and the different features of each one.

FlowBank App
FlowBank Pro
MetaTrader 4
MetaTrader 5
Stocks & ETFs
Crypto Asset Products
Forex pairs
Mobile Trading
Desktop Trading
Customizable Interface
Technical Indicators
Algorithmic Trading
Copy Trading
Market Insights

More than a bank an experience

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用户可交易 7 种资产类别并享受最优惠的价格,以参与全球金融市场交易。


每周 6 天,每天 24 小时瑞士官方支持,提供多语言服务




作为一家受监管的瑞士银行,我们保证您的资产安全且会受到保护。瑞士存款保障高达 10 万瑞士法郎


What is a trading platform?

A trading platform is a software system that is used to trade securities. The platform enables investors to open, close and handle their market positions. This is done through a financial intermediary such as a bank or a broker.
Online trading platforms are available free of charge from a financial intermediary in exchange for using the platform to trade online and/or maintain an active or funded account.
Trading platforms include various features that help investors take decisions when it comes to trading and investing. Some of these features include real-time quotes, interactive charts, a wide range of tools and indicators, market research and analysis, and real-time news feeds. Trading platforms can also be geared towards specific instruments such as stocks and ETFs or CFDs and Forex.

How does a trading platform work?

When a trader places an order for buying a financial instrument such as a stock the order gets recorded in the database of the trading platform and the exchange platform. The environment of the trading platform allows traders to conduct securities trades on various global financial markets. Modern trading platforms use sophisticated architecture databases to boast security, and information transparency and provide market liquidity.

How to choose a trading platform?

There are many factors to consider when choosing a trading platform. First of all, traders need to consider what their needs are. For example what financial instruments they are looking to trade. Depending on the instrument a trader may need a specific type of platform to employ strategies and reach objectives.

Fees are also important to consider when choosing a trading platform. Fees can include commissions, custody fees, and account opening fees. It's important to check the fees provided by the platform/provider. 

An intermediary  (bank/broker) is essential when using a trading platform. It's crucial to work with a reputable and licensed bank that will ensure security and service and stand behind the trading platform.

Finally, some trading platforms may have specific requirements. For example, some platforms have minimum funding requirements while others may necessitate certain approvals to trade options or on margin.  Understanding this can ensure you have the platform that meets your needs.

What is the best trading platform?

The best trading platforms should provide you with the tools you need to implement your strategies. Whether you are a beginner investor or already an expert you need to choose the platform that fits your needs. The user experience, pricing, account opening process and customer service quality are all important factors to consider when you open a trading account.

How to find the best trading platforms for beginners?

To find the best platform for beginners you should start with finding a trading application with an easy-to-use interface. If you are just getting started you may want to focus on straightforward and less risky instruments such as stocks and ETFs. Before you start investing you can make the most of trading platform tutorials to get an overview of the platform and the different functionality it offers. 

How to find the best platform for trading for experts?

As an expert trader, you may be looking for more advanced trading tools and access to more complex trading instruments. You can start off by ensuring the products and currencies you want to trade are available on the platform you are considering. Some questions to consider? What are my upfront costs? What are the trading fees? Will I be charged inactivity fees? Is there a minimum deposit required? Where is the bank/broker regulated? Is there 24-hour support? Once you get the answers to the basic questions and do your research you can find a platform that checks off all the boxes and gives you the best trading conditions. Plus if you are considering switching brokers- will the new bank/broker reimburse transfer fees. This is added advantage.

How to find the best trading platform for mobile?

Today most all trading platforms are available as apps. You can explore options on the App Store and Google Play store based on your mobile device. Reading reviews is also a good way to get feedback from other users.