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Demo account

Innovative trading platforms

Swiss made

Introducing the Swiss bank that gives you better conditions to trade and invest . FlowBank has the internationally recognized label of Swiss quality, security, and service. We believe in simplicity, from transparent pricing on investment products to insightful market research- so you can invest with confidence.

Regulated by the FINMA.
24/6 multilingual live customer support.
Member of esisuisse.
Customer service and operations in Switzerland.

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"FlowBank lance un concours de trading entre des sportifs de haut niveau pour montrer que la finance est accessible à tous."


"Genfer Onlinebank Flowbank öffnet die digitalen Pforten."


"Flow Bank – die jüngste Neo-Bank der Schweiz ist live, verfolgt grosse Pläne und ehrgeizige Ziele."

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How does FlowBank make sure my investments are well protected?

FlowBank is a financially stable company that is committed to ensuring its financial health and servicing its customers to the highest standards. FlowBank is licensed by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA). All customer accounts are protected according to Swiss banking regulations. FlowBank is also a member of esisuisse, which protects its customer's cash up to 100,000 CHF.

What is the minimum required to open an account?

There is no minimum to open a new account, however, there are some minimums that are required for certain trading priveledges such as our platinum pricing category.

What is the quickest way I can open an account?

The quickest way to open an account is directly online. Once your account is approved and funded you can start trading. The first funding must be done via a bank transfer. Subsequent transfers can be done via bank transfer or instantly with a credit card.

Interested in transferring your portfolio to FlowBank? You can transfer assets from another bank or brokerage by filling out this form. Plus we will cover your transfer fees up to 750 CHF.

What can I trade on FlowBank's trading platforms?

FlowBank offers a wide range of investment and trading products on trading platforms. You can trade stocks, options, bonds, funds, ETFs, futures, Forex, and CFDs.

What fees does FlowBank charge?

We are committed to providing our customers with straightforward and transparent pricing across all financial products. Please review our pricing and CFD pricing for a full overview.

What is an online bank? Is it safe?

Digital banking (also known as online banking) is the moving online of banking activities that usually took place at a physical bank location. Some of these activities include cash deposits, withdrawals, transfers, paying bills, and other account services. Digital banking is a term that is used to describe a banking activity that takes place on a digital device, such as a mobile phone or a laptop computer. Paying for groceries by scanning a QR code on your phone, paying bills online, or sending money to a friend via an app is all considered digital banking.

Switzerland is well-known as the home to the most sophisticated and most secure banking system in the world. Thanks to the stability of its currency and political system, as well as its high level of legal certainty, Switzerland remains one of the world’s most important financial centers.