The 2022 financial year included a significant provision. In 2023, cash flow is positive.

18 October 2023

FlowBank, the young Swiss online bank, saw the 2022  financial year marked by a significant provision, but the story takes a very positive turn in 2023. In just three years of operation, FlowBank announced its transition from a provision situation to positive cash flow.

A major provision in 2022:

The year 2022 was a pivotal moment in FlowBank's history. The bank took the strategic decision to set aside a substantial provision to meet potential challenges and guarantee the stability of its future operations. This decision was guided by a concern for financial prudence.

Once the provision had been made, FlowBank remained solid and resilient. This has not altered the bank's ability to offer quality services to its clients. On the contrary, it has reinforced its confidence with investors and clients alike, underlining its commitment to remaining financially sound in all circumstances.


2023: The year of transformation

FlowBank has set its sights on transformation in 2023. Thanks to controlled growth, the bank is pleased to announce positive cash flow for the current year. In just three years since it began operations, FlowBank has reached a significant milestone.


Several key factors have contributed to FlowBank's successful transition:
Client Commitment: FlowBank has maintained a constant commitment to its clients, offering them financial solutions tailored to their needs and transparency.
Technological Innovation: The bank invested heavily in technology to enhance the client experience and optimize its operations.
Committed Team: The dedication of the team, particularly its executive committee, has been essential in maintaining the quality of services. The 4 members of the Executive Committee, respectively the CEO, Mr. Charles Henri Sabet, the CRO, Mr. Sergio Verdial, the COO, Mr. Adrien Cohen, and the CMO, Ms. Caroline Puder Lévy, are delighted to welcome a new CFO to their team, Mr. Nicolas Vetsch (subject to FINMA approval). FlowBank continues to strengthen its expertise by hiring experienced staff, particularly in the fields of finance, and technology, and announcing forthcoming changes to its corporate governance.


Controlled growth strategy: The bank has adopted a cautious, diversified approach to growth, ensuring that operations remain profitable.


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