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Open a position for a fraction of the cost on any asset class with our competitive margin rates

Symbol Min. Spread Spread from Max leverage
EURUSD 0.5 1:200
EURCHF 1.2 1:200
Spot Gold 0.2 1:200
Spot Silver 0.015 1:50
AUDUSD 1 1:200
EURGBP 1.4 1:200
EURJPY 1.3 1:200
GBPJPY 2.8 1:200
GBPUSD 1.8 1:200
USDCAD 1.3 1:200
USDCHF 0.8 1:200
USDJPY 0.9 1:200
US Crude 0.03 1:100
Brent Crude 0.03 1:100
Natural Gas 0.03 1:50
Gas Oil 1.00 1:50
Gasoline 0.003 1:50
US Cocoa 7.00 1:50
US Coffee 0.45 1:50
Orange Juice 0.85 1:25
Soybean 2.50 1:50
Sugar 0.10 1:50
High Grade Copper 0.004 1:100
Wall Street 2.00 1:200
US Tech 100 0.90 1:200
US 500 0.40 1:200
Germany 30 0.90 1:200
UK 100 1.00 1:200
EU Stocks 1.50 1:150
Switzerland 20 2.00 1:100
France 40 1.00 1:100
Italy 40 2.00 1:100
Netherlands 25 0.09 1:100
Spain 35 4.00 1:100

New to CFD trading?

CFD stands for Contract for Difference. They are simply a type of contract that allow investors to speculate on the markets, without taking ownership of the underlying assets.

What are the benefits of trading CFDs?

Go long or short
Take positions on a wide range of asset classes and markets
Boost capital with leverage
No stamp duty

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Take advantage of our digital and live customer support team, fully based in Switzerland.


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As a regulated Swiss bank we guarantee the security and protection of your assets.

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