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Ant Group’s Chinese IPO: $34 billion, or the biggest IPO in history

If Chinese billionaire Jack Ma already broke the record for the biggest IPO with Alibaba - $25 billion in 2014 – he just did it again with Ant Group, making the largest share sale in history.

Tech execs defend section 230 - DAY AHEAD
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Tech execs defend section 230 - DAY AHEAD

The day ahead will see internet company executives attend a Senate hearing on liability law, earnings from Etsy and a rate decision in Canada.

Learn about the Gyroscopic Investing Desert Portfolio
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Learn about the Gyroscopic Investing Desert Portfolio

The ‘Desert Portfolio’ hails from the Gyroscopic investing forum – and is so simple and cost-effective with a history of steady returns and minimal drawdown that it can be used by everyday investors.

CBDC FAQs! Central bank digital currencies
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Central bank digital currencies: CBDC FAQs

There is a new kind of currency in town- the Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) could revolutionise banking, make transacting easier and cheaper but reduce privacy.

Beginners guide to trading stocks CFDs
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Beginners guide to trading stocks CFDs

Trading CFDs is a popular way to trade stocks and shares including popular companies like UBS and Facebook listed on global stock exchanges.

4 reasons why a stock will go up after earnings and how to trade it
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Why a stock goes up after earnings - and how to trade it

We lay out the four most important metrics you need to understand about a stock earnings report and then a technique for trading the stock once you know them.

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PepsiCo, Constellation Brands and manufacturing PMIs

PepsiCo, Constellation Brands and manufacturing PMIs

For the day ahead I’m looking out for earnings from PepsiCo, Corona beer-owner Constellation brands and H&M – as well as European and US manufacturing PMIs.

FlowBank Insider
FlowBank Insider 

Meet the team behind FlowBank

The FlowBank team, based in Geneva, is growing every month. Although we all have different roles and jobs we share a desire to work together to build a Swiss digital bank that will create a new investment experience that is unique, simple, and sophisticated.  Our bank brings an incredibly diverse mix of people together and each Friday you can meet our colleagues as part of our "Meet" Series.

The Path to Flow
FlowBank Insider 

The Path to Flow

Most of us have habits and patterns that prevent us from actualizing the best version of ourselves. It's possible to create a life full of Flow, but you need to start at some point. If you've been looking for this point: This is it!


10 minutes ago

As France considers 2nd lockdown - ICYMI the change in deaths in 21 countries during the 1st

A chart showing the extra deaths from February - May when 21 countries went into lockdown this year.

49 minutes ago

Bitcoin soars to 18-month high - runs into key 13,700 level

The price of cryptocurrency Bitcoin is breaking out of a 2 1/2 year trading range- can it move beyond 13,700 towards 20,000 ?

1 hour ago

France's CAC 30 index gapping lower from 5-month price range

The CAC 40, France's benchmark stock index is breaking lower from a sideways consolidation.

1 hour ago

German stocks are rolling over - DAX index 4 month lows

The DAX index has broken down from a rising price channel to hit its lowest levels since June.

2 hours ago

Guess what? Microsoft doesn't look cheap...

Microsoft´s marvelous multiple expansion - Source: Bilello 

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Charles-Henry Monchau is CIO and CCO at Flowbank where he brings 25 years of international experience in multi-asset investing.


Valérie Noël is the Head of Markets at FlowBank and brings a deep understanding of the international finance sector.


Jasper Lawler is the Head of Research at FlowBank, having accumulated over twelve years' experience in the financial industry.


Martin Boujol, recently graduated from HEC Lausanne and the University of St. Gallen, built various independent blogs and has a strong expertise in technology, arts and literature.


Yingqiu Deng is currently studying a master's in Wealth Management and has a broad knowledge in International Business and of the Chinese market.


Sirine Demdoum holds a master's degree in Economics and has a strong interest in economics and finance research.