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Invest in over 2'000 funds across regions, sectors, styles, and markets to leverage the best fund managers' investment ideas.

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What are the benefits of funds?


Diversify and lower your risk

Get access to a wide range of assets classes, including global stocks, bond, and commodities.


Visibly low prices

Start investing in leading funds with the most competitive prices in Switzerland.


Easy and effortless

One investment gives you exposure to dozens of assets.


Professionally managed

Fund managers do all the work. They select the securities and monitor the performance of the fund.

The FlowBank advantage

Straight forward pricing

0.15% (from 8 CHF /USD/ EUR flat) Custody: 0.10 % (max CHF 50 per quarter*)
Additional bank-end fees are possible. You can find this information in the prospectus of the fund company.
*Unless otherwise stated in a specific communication to your attention

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1 December 2021

What is a Fund? | 6 Types of Funds Investing

There’s no shame in asking for help. Investing in a fund is an effective way to invest with the help of professional investors at top financial institutions.

10 December 2021

How do funds work?

For individual investors looking for professional management of some portion of their stock portfolio and/or bond portfolio, the go-to option is a mutual fund.

5 January 2022

ETFs vs Funds - Which is the Best Investment?

Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) are rapidly becoming the investment vehicle of choice. What are the pros and cons of ETFs vs mutual funds? 

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