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  • Single multi-currency account for a wide range of asset classes
  • Access over 50,000 instruments:  stocks, ETFs, CFDs, bonds, forex, options on the same platform
  • Speed and efficiency: the basket trader allows you to trade multiple instruments in one click.
  • Build, manage, and trade your multi-asset portfolio in one place.
  • Improve productivity and optimize your trading processes.
  • Enjoy a neat option board for one specific option and maturity that displays the different prices (with volume included) for the full grip of strikes on call and put options.
  • MAT allows you to place orders for a chosen financial instrument on several accounts
  • Save time when you need to implement different strategies at time or handle several client accounts
  • Drag and drop or one click trading from search or graph 
  • Click and create a buy or sell limit order to be filled at best price 
  • Place “clever” Take Profit (TP) / Stop Loss (SL) from the module 
  • Easy input: add quantity and hit buy/sell to perform trades quickly 
  • Switch between light and dark modes 
  • Set price alerts to keep an eye on market trends
  • Track the market with our “Quote Monitor”, wherever you go
  • One click cancel & close
  • Stop orders. Protect your positions from unfavorable market moves
  • Real-time margin monitoring: Get the advantage you need to react quickly to markets.

Account Overview

Performance analysis charts and tools


Portfolio summary

View your cash balance, portfolio positions, and margin utilization in real-time.


Performance analysis

Visualize your total and daily P/L amount and percentage returns, performance history, and percentage weight
in your portfolio.


Optimal order tracking

See all your open positions. View order history to keep track of your activity.

Trade wherever you are with FlowBank Pro

A seamless experience, the FlowBank Pro app is an innovative mobile platform for trading on the go

  • Access over 40,000 instruments ‒ stocks, ETFs, bonds, futures, options, metals and currencies. Directly, on the app.
  • Access your investments seamlessly on desktop or mobile
  • Use our basket trader to quickly place stock, ETF, simple and complex options, and futures orders on a single trade ticket
  • Request more instruments and we can add them for you 

Created by the Pros

FlowBank Pro comes from more than a team of experts. It’s built by experienced and avid traders to ensure it stays one of  the most innovative platforms in the industry.

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Market Research

Latest market and stock research.



Daily live charts and insights


MorningFlow Live

All the market news in 5 minutes


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True multi asset platform including leveraged products

Trade financial markets globally with access to all asset classes and best execution.


One single multi-currency account

Trade a wide range of products all from a unique multi-currency account.


24/6 Swiss based support in multiple languages

Take advantage of our digital and live customer support team, fully based in Switzerland.


The peace of mind of a Swiss bank account

As a regulated Swiss bank we guarantee the security and protection of your assets.

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