Elina Svitolina joins FlowBank to break the barriers to investing

10 February 2021

Getting in the flow is just as important for investors as it is for athletes to perform at peak level. As the current number five in women’s tennis, Elina Svitolina is the perfect embodiment of what FlowBank stands for: dedication and calculated risk-taking pay off, both on and off the court.

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Finding success in investing and trading requires focus and the willingness to take risks. Competitive investors take their mission of making a profit seriously and plan their next moves carefully. Simultaneously, they retain a certain playfulness and enjoy the process.


Athletes are no different, says Elina Svitolina: “Ultimately, we want to win. To reach our goals, we need to make smart moves, pay attention to the little details without losing sight of the big picture and take risks.” Elina knows what she is talking about; she is a professional tennis player. Ever since observing her brother play tennis in her hometown Odesa in Ukraine at the age of five, she has been fascinated by the sport. Now, 21 years later, Elina resides overlooking Lake Geneva and currently ranks fifth in the global WTA ranking. But she is just getting started and still hungry for more—both on and off the court.


Getting in the investing flow with FlowBank

Through the process of training, improving, and winning, Elina finds herself in the flow frequently: “You don’t notice it, it just happens when you are at the top of your game.” She used to get in the zone on the tennis court almost exclusively. “More and more, I experience the same level of energized focus and full involvement in investing as well”, she says.


As someone who constantly seeks to get better at what she does, Elina turned to the investing guru himself for a few tips on how to break the barriers to investing. “Don’t wait for the perfect moment, simply get started. Define your personal goals, keep the costs low and just keep at it. You need to be a hard worker and have a strong will to win—just like you are”, Charles-Henri Sabet, founder and CEO of FlowBank, tells her.


In the meantime, we wish Elina all the best for the Australian Open and keep our fingers crossed that she will be able to build on her first-round performance and get in the “Flow” not only in the second match but also during the rest of the tournament.


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