Our team

A dedicated team of professionals with extensive market knowledge and experience at your service.

Sergio Peña

Senior Sales Manager

Our team

A dedicated team of professionals with extensive market knowledge and experience at your service.

Sergio Peña

Senior Sales Manager

FlowBank Pro

Serious tools for serious traders.

  • Trade over 50,000 instruments ‒ stocks, ETFs, bonds, futures, options, CFDs, and crypto-asset products, on one platform.

Powerful technology for professionals

  • MAT allows you to place orders for a chosen financial instrument on several accounts
  • Save time when you need to implement different strategies at time or handle several client accounts
  • Drag and drop or one click trading from search or graph
  • Click and create a buy or sell limit order to be filled at best price
  • Place “clever” Take Profit (TP) / Stop Loss (SL) from the module
  • Easy input: add quantity and hit buy/sell to perform trades quickly
  • Track the market with our “Quote Monitor”, wherever you go
  • Create multiple watchlists so you can easily monitor current and potential investments
  • Use a comprehensive suite of annotations, drawing tools and over 30 technical indicators to analyse price trends.


Use our HTTP API to design sleek, fast and data-rich financial apps. From smart messenger bots and option strategy advisors, to market analysis mobile apps, websites with stock tickers and wholesale trading solutions. Build next generation applications, feed your trading strategies, and visualize market quotes — all by tapping into the ultimate market data source.



For algorithmic traders we offer the opportunity to trade via FIX API. We support a FIX 4.4-based API that enables data transfer, quote retrieval and full-scale trading automation. Enjoy the opportunities that automation offers. Do not limit yourself by using the trading user interface only.


Excel integration

FlowBank offers instruments for the algorithmic trader both at the professional and beginner level. We also provide integration with MS Excel®. With the tools we provide, basic knowledge of VBA should suffice to become an algorithmic trader.


Real-Time Trade Notifications

A notification tab lets you configure settings of orders notifications.

An intuitive, innovative, and cost-efficient platform

Trade wherever you are with FlowBank Pro


Customize your charts

Control desired level of chart timeframes down to a tick, a minute, or longer. Display trades, volumes, and benefit from high quality trading signals directly on your screen.


Set price alerts

Don’t miss any opportunities with real-time alerts based on price movements.


Bond screener

A powerful comparison tool allowing you to view a wide universe of bonds by issuer, maturity, rating, and currency.


Option board

An easy to read and customizable module divided into two sections, call and put options. Measure risk and volatility with Greeks.

Account performance overview


Reference currency

Pick the currency in which you would like all of your trading activity and account overview to be displayed.


Account summary

View your cash balance, portfolio positions, and margin utilization in realtime.


Performance analysis

Visualize your total and daily P/L amount and percentage returns, performance history, and percentage weight in your portfolio.


Optimal order tracking

See all of your open positions. View order history to keep track of your activity.

Risk management tools


One click cancel & close

Manage your risk. Cancel and close all open positions with just one click.


Stop orders

Add stop-loss orders right from the trade ticket, so you can limit losses, immediately, every time.


Real-time margin monitoring

The margin monitor keeps you alert to the implications that trading condition changes will have on your portfolio, assisting you to maintain prudent risk management.

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A dedicated team of professionals with extensive market knowledge and experience at your service.

Sergio Peña

Senior Sales Manager