FlowBank and Alexander Zverev

United in Excellence

FlowBank is proud to serve as Alexander Zverev's official financial partner, supporting him in his pursuit of excellence both on and off the court. This collaboration underscores the values of constant discipline, determination, and continuous learning shared by both FlowBank and Alexander Zverev.
Alexander Zverev has achieved remarkable success throughout his career, capturing the hearts of tennis fans globally with his exceptional skills and sportsmanship. We are honored to partner with him and look forward to contributing to his continued success.

From FlowBank Championship Athlete to Brand Ambassador

FlowBank is fully dedicated to championing the world's premier tennis athletes and fostering emerging talent within the sport. A participant in the inaugural FlowBank Championship we are proud to welcome him to the FlowBank family as our new brand ambassador. 

Zverev's winning trades: 2023 FlowBank Championship

Alexander Zverev

Alexander Zverev


Tennis champion


Top instruments

Alexander Zverev's portfolio was diversified across markets and industries. He made over 105 trades during the competition and earned 7% on his portfolio in 4 weeks. His focus on stock trading earned him a place on the podium of the first edition.
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2024 FlowBank Championship

The second edition of the FlowBank Championship will take place from 1 May - 31 May 2024.