Martin Boujol

Martin Boujol

Martin has recently graduated from the university of St. Gallen with a master's degree in Business Innovation. He joined Flowbank in September 2020 as strategy assistant to the CIO. He has a strong interest in finance and new technologies and has a certain expertise in literature and philosophy.


What is a stablecoin?

There are many types of cryptocurrencies and coin in addition to Bitcoin. In this article, we will be talking about a type called stablecoin, which as their name suggests, try to maintain a fixed value of $1.

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What is the metaverse?

The metaverse has been part of the literary and entertainment canon for thirty years. Today, we are approaching its realization. 

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Tips for Beginner Investors: How to Invest $100

While $100 may seem like a small sum, no amount is too small to start investing. Cash that sleeps ...

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What is a fractional share?

It is not rare for big name stocks to come with big price tags. As a result, not everyone can afford to buy the companies they like. Fractional share are portion of an stock or ETF, making the purchase of expensive stocks for individual investors ...


Crypto Art World; the rise of Non-Fungible-Tokens

Life is increasingly happening online. The world wide web ...

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How to invest in e-sports?

You’ve all heard of it. Maybe your kids play it, your little siblings or maybe even yourself: gaming as a sport has become a thing, and the market is growing. Here are some ways to catch the train before it leaves.

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How to invest in sports

Winning money doing something you truly enjoy is never easy. In the case of sports, it might even be harder. To be paid for practicing your sport looks amazing, but for this you need hard work, talent and a sprinkle of luck. Miss any of the three ...

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What is a stock market quote?

The stock market quote is a set of information about a specific stock that tells us about its price and other essential information. The aim of this article is to describe and understand this data.

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When to sell your shares on the stock market

Choosing the shares you would like to buy is the first step of a successful journey on the stock market, but choosing when to sell might be even more sensitive. This ...

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7 great books every investor should read

While there are many blogs and news to read from in order to inform oneself about the latest cutting-edge investing strategies, it is always interesting to solidify one’s basics and general knowledge with a great book.

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How to deal with losses on the stock market

 “Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.”