Enjoy Switzerland on a budget

Switzerland is considered one of the most expensive countries in Europe. Notably, it is also one of the most beautiful. So how can you enjoy all Switzerland has to offer without breaking the bank.

Currently, we are writing in the pandemic period where traveling is a mere vision of the past. However, we are on the horizon of a new and hopefully safe vaccine that will be readily available sometime in early 2021. Let us fast forward then to this time and picture a beautiful Swiss mountain landscape and immaculately clean and organized cities.  The Swiss city vibe 


Swiss cities offer a wide array of things to do.To start some of the most beautiful and noteworthy sites to visit are outdoors. The lake in Zurich is a popular destination where you can bathe, sail, and enjoy a picnic. In Geneva, the famous jet d'eau is a must-see and in Luzern, the Chapel Bridge is a landmark like no other. In general, Switzerland boasts an active and outdoor lifestyle so you will find getting around on foot and bicycle is a great way to see the cities. In addition, it's green and free.   

Swiss Museums 

There are about 1000 museums in Switzerland  and about 500 of them are completely free. So, whether you are interested in art, culture, science, or anything else you will be certain to find something to visit and new to learn wherever you are.  


Swiss Summer outdoors 

Plenty of sun in the summer and snow in the mountains during the winter, you can be sure to find your adrenaline rush. Summer comes with many opportunities to sail, swim, and simply enjoy the lakes of Switzerland. For a landlocked country, there are many places that almost feel like you are at the beach with well-manicured lawns, sandy areas by the lakes, and beach-like amenities. The city of Geneva just recently completed a renovation of its lakefront and it's quite impressive to see, especially if you visited it before. Sailboat rentals, kayaks, SUP, and pedal boats are just some of the water sports to enjoy. For those interested in more land-based activities the snowy mountains offer endless hiking opportunities in the summer. The most well-known include Zermatt, Saas-Fee, Andermatt, Gstaad, and further east Saint Moritz. 


Switzerland is well connected by train  and not only are the trains comfortable and clean you can rest assured they will be on time. Purchasing tickets in advance are the best way to save on train fare which can be costly.


Swiss Winter Fun  

There is nothing like winter in Switzerland. The beautiful Alps covered in snow year-round become much more spectacular. Some people say there is nothing to do in Switzerland if you don't ski. While that is not 100% accurate it is somewhat true. If you are looking for the sun in the winter you need to head to the mountains where there are a plethora of activities the most popular alpine skiing but there is also cross-country skiing, ice-skating, snowshoeing, and sledding. The mountain resorts across the country vary in size and amenities so if you are looking for  something low-key  you can definitely find it as well. 

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