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Beginners guide to trading stocks CFDs

Trading CFDs is a popular way to trade stocks and shares including popular companies like UBS and Facebook listed on global stock exchanges.

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How to invest in sports

Winning money doing something you truly enjoy is never easy. In the case of sports, it might even be harder. To be paid for practicing your sport looks amazing, but for this you need hard work, talent and a sprinkle of luck. Miss any of the three ...

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7 great books every investor should read

While there are many blogs and news to read from in order to inform oneself about the latest cutting-edge investing strategies, it is always interesting to solidify one’s basics and general knowledge with a great book.

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How to deal with losses on the stock market

“Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.”

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5 tips to maintain investing and trading discipline

Maintaining trading discipline in anything is hard. This is especially true in trading and investing so we’ve produced these 5 handy tips to help get you ...

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How to trade options

Popular markets for options trading include Forex options trading, indices options trading, and shares options trading. Below we explain how to trade options.

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How to Trade Forex

The Foreign Exchange market, referred to as Forex or the FX market, is the largest financial market in the world and forex trading is very popular.

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How to trade Cannabis shares CFDs

CFDs are a financial product used to speculate on the price movement of cannabis shares or a cannabis index.

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How to Avoid Chasing the Market

Chasing the market – jumping in after a market has already made a substantial move in one direction or the other – is a common way traders come unstuck.

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How to invest in shares

To invest in shares is to invest in a publicly listed company by purchasing a fraction of ownership in the company which are listed as stocks, also referred to as shares.

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How to invest into distance learning stocks

With school openings uncertain for the fall and the threat of a fresh round of stay-at-home orders in big U.S. cities and in other parts of the world, investors may be looking for a way to get in on the burgeoning field of online learning. Below, ...

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How to pick a market to trade or invest in (part 1)

FlowBank offers you the possibility to trade on a broad range of markets. This article aims to overcome what can be a daunting process of deciding what to trade and invest in.