3 hours ago • Posted by Paul de La Baume

Breaking: US Jobs report disappoints with big miss

Newly jobs created in the US (non-farm payrolls) missed analyst expectations with fewer jobs created than expected. Combined with rising Covid risks, it should add pressure to the economy and perhaps ease inflation concerns. A weaker jobs report implies a more concerned Fed that should keep providing support and liquidity to the economy for longer. 


3 hours ago • Posted by Paul de La Baume

Ocean freight rates from Asia to US hit lowest since July

It is no secret that strong disinflationary forces are at work with the power of innovation, technology, shared economy etc... but the last few months have been about inflation fears! There are straight-forward explanations such as the year-on-year base effect with the fall of commodities prices during Covid, but a deeper dive reveals a much more complex picture, leaving many experts worried about continued #inflation, amid rather loose fiscal and monetary policies. Cost of shipping across the ocean from Asia to both US coasts, at the heart of supply chain deadlocks hurting small businesses particularly, are revealed to be coming down, reaching their lowest level since July, according to Bloomberg. These in turn should put less continued pressure on retailers to raise prices. Stay tuned!


1 day ago • Posted by Paul de La Baume

Volatility spikes to level unseen since January! Why & What’s Next! #Stocks

Growing fears over new variant Omicron, #Fed complacency, and technical de-risking ahead of the new year contributed to markets going off rail and investor sentiment to dampen severely.


1 day ago • Posted by William Ramstein

#Cyclical sectors #Energy and #Financials are seen as clear winners in #Q3 earnings on the back of a recovering economy and rallying commodity prices.

#Energy and #Financials saw record sector performances YTD amid low expectations at the start of the year. #Technology is seen as more resilient with a decent percentage of firms beating earnings for Q3. #Utilities were a clear outlier in earnings, still performing, but less so than counterparties.  

2 days ago • Posted by William Ramstein

Two 90% down days tend to signal a #bottom. Equities have been in a swirling state after Powell's #capitulation on the notion of ''transitory'' inflation.

The market reaction has however been disproportionate to the change in the actual outlook for markets so we could be witnessing the creation of buying entries.